A Top SEO Expert Can Help your Business Website Survive Mobilegeddon

If most people fear an impending doomsday which might not ever happen, businesses fear a different kind of doomsday which can or has already affected their websites. This event, which started last April 21, was popularly known as “Mobilegeddon”, when Google implemented yet another algorithm update that now factors in a website’s mobile responsiveness on its rankings in a search engine results page. Luckily, a top SEO expert can help you stay on top of this latest change and even win with your SEO strategy.

Why Did Google Do This?

Google had given websites at least two months’ notice regarding their latest update, saying in their February Webmaster blog that they will begin factoring in a website’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Google also began to include relevant mobile apps during searches done on mobile devices so users would definitely begin to see app suggestions while searching on Google. The search engine giant explained that they instigated this change to “[make] it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages” and that “users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for their devices.”

This update was also made due to the growing number of people using their smartphones and mobile devices to conduct research on a search engine; an estimated 60 percent of online traffic is now coming from mobile, and that number isn’t expected to decline any time soon. When the new update was announced back in February, businesses (particularly small ones) were holding their breath since they were most likely to feel the update’s effects on their rankings. This spawned the moniker “Mobilegeddon” given its so-called “apocalyptic” effects on millions of websites.

No Need to Worry

Some businesses might be uncomfortable with the adverse effects the new update can do to their rankings. On the contrary, you have no reason to fear the Mobilegeddon even if it had already begun its first waves. All you need to do is seek professional help from search engine optimization experts, such as those from Easy Dial Marketing, to create changes that will conform to the new update. With their help, you can roll with the changes and reach a wider audience instead of limiting your website to desktop users.


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