About Us

Easy Dial Marketing is a capable SEO company that operates within Melbourne, offering both small businesses and large corporations with an array of digital marketing services. As one of the premier search engine optimization companies in Melbourne, the company also provides its services to other organisations such as schools and healthcare providers that could benefit from effective marketing strategies. Regardless what your business or organisation is all about, Easy Dial Marketing’s solutions can help you reach out to the right target market.

The firm does not offer the same run-of-the-mill product every time, ensuring that clients are offered solutions specific to their needs. As soon as you enlist Easy Dial Marketing’s help in your marketing, the company will represent your brand through the services it provides. Solutions are customised to suit your business or to address a specific concern, and to that end, the firm’s digital marketing specialists listen closely to your specifications and your expectations.

Among the services provided by the company are: search engine optimization, web design, social media marketing, local marketing, pay per click marketing, website audits, and online reputation management.

Our Methodology

Whenever Easy Dial Marketing works on a marketing solution for you, it follows a specific methodology to ensure that the job is done efficiently and effectively. The methodology goes:

  • Assessing the situation – When you come to Easy Dial Marketing for a marketing solution, the company first takes note of what your business already has on the Internet, and what could be done in order to improve upon it. The specialists listen closely to what you have to say, and how you want for it to enhance your business’ online presence.
  • Planning the solution – After assessing your business’ marketing needs, the company then comes up with plans for improvement. The group devises strategies that not only address your concerns, but also exceed your expectations as well.
  • Implementing the plan – Once the plan comes together, Easy Dial Marketing then works its hardest to accomplish it. Its team of skilled web developers, designers, and content creators are experienced in delivering quality marketing solutions.
  • Reporting progress – As your marketing partner, the company relays its progress to you, so that you can visibly trace its developments without being left in the dark. After launching solutions for your business, the marketing group continues to report to you on how successful the plans are.
  • Measuring data – Following the launch of its solutions to your marketing requirements, the marketing group monitors how effective they are in attracting customers and enticing them to make purchases.
  • Improving upon the solutions – If the solutions Easy Dial Marketing provides are not performing as planned, the company can improve upon them based on the data it has gathered. The company genuinely wants your business’ marketing to generate leads and sales, and it will do everything it can to help you succeed.

Easy Dial Marketing offers digital marketing services such as social media optimization, web design, and SEO in Melbourne. If you have any questions, or if you want to know how a search engine optimization consultant can enhance your business’ marketing efforts on the Web, you may call 1-300 327 934 or visit the contact us page and fill out the web form.