Automated Sales Funnel

list_marker There is no need to be Slave to Your Business. Have you heard of an automated sales funnel yet? It proves to be the smart way to build your business, attract traffic, and turn potential leads into buying clients

How does it work then, and how can it make your life so much easier so you can work smarter and not harder?

What an automated sales funnel does is to sift and sort through the high volumes of leads your website generated. Then it moves your prospects through the sales process/funnel into a successful conclusion.

In essence, it does all the hard work for you so that by the time you get to liaise with your prospect they are ready to conclude the sale.

It is all fair and well directing visitors to your site, but then what? You do not want to waste time, money and resources to bring prospects to your site, and then not turn them into customers, do you?

You need to have a checklist in place as to what needs to happen once they land on your site.

Things like:


For what reason do you want people to visit your site?


Then, once they have landed on your site, what do you want them to do next?

Nine times out of ten, your intent is for people to buy your products or services. Is your site equipped to do just that?

Your objectives needs to be clearly outlined with your marketing strategies in place.

You will get some people who will already be interested and actually buy from you, but the majority would need some convincing as they merely visited your site to gather more information.

They are what we would call warm leads who could be turned into loyal customers of yours.

Unfortunately, this does not just happen, you need to have certain processes in place such as an automated sales funnel.

After all, as small business owner, you need to automate as much of your business processes as possible.

Who of you has the time to talk to each and every lead? That is the whole purpose of an automated sales funnel. Besides sorting through interested ones, it helps to free up valuable time which is the number one reason why are in business for yourself - To have more freedom, not so?

This is where we come into the picture. Easy Dial Marketing will assist you by ensuring your business does not lose customers.

Through our automated sales funnel you will discover how easy it is to:

check_mark Increase your list of customers
check_mark Stay in touch with your prospects
check_mark And get to increase your sales

Do you find that you struggle to:

• Generate New Leads
• Follow-up with your leads, existing customers, or even your VIP list
• Announce special offers and generate repeat sales

list_marker We Can Change All of That!!

Get to solve your problems with XYZ answers that we provide to any marketing challenges you may face

check_mark We show you how to capture new leads, then generate a customer list through making use of an integrated system loaded with text messages, internet registration, business card scanning, and the telephone.

check_mark In addition to this, we demonstrate to you how to follow-up utilizing a cross channel marketing system of voice messages, text messages, emails as well as snail mail.

check_mark You will even learn how to go about informing your customers of any upcoming special offers using integrated email messages that get send out on autopilot

Watch this brief demonstration that will show you just how easy it is to utilize the power of an automated sales funnel.

Once you have finished watching, simply complete the form below the video, and one of our team members will get hold of you to discuss your needs.


Do you want your closing average to skyrocket to as much as 75% using Sales Funnel?

It is a known fact that businesses and corporates are desperately looking for ways to increase their market share, and doing so organically. They are looking for an easy process that will let them accomplish this within their sales department without being too concerned on losing their top sales person.

The good news is that our sales funnel will help you achieve your goals.

Being in possession of a sales funnel would assist in providing marketers with a clear view or all current opportunities that are available to their sales team. Once any marketer or business owner has a proper automated system set up, they will be able to create a detailed map that shows how they may improve their chances of breaking their revenue goals.


Why Should You be Using Our Sales Funnel Tool?

Through regular use of the sales funnel, and by counting the number of potential customers during the awareness, leads, prospects and sales stage, you would be able to predict how many prospects will become customers in time to come.

In our experience we found that you would be able to make the necessary corrections early one by spotting certain problems right within the sales pipeline.

For instance, if you spot that very little mailings were sent off, you might be able to foretell that sales would dry up in only a few months from now. This way, you will know to send out more mailings the following month.

By using our Automated Sales Funnel System, you would be able to pick up on any roadblocks along the way such as an insufficient amount of leads. This is very powerful as it will show you in which areas your sales people should pay more attention in order to meet their sales targets.

In addition, it may very well highlight where improvements are needed within the whole sales process. By implementing extra training, or ensuring that sales people focus on every step of the sales process, profits will soon increase and bring about a good feeling among workers and management.


Why is a Sales Funnel so Important?

The Sales funnel term is a very important concept for most if not all businesses. After all, it gets customers to buy your products or services. The whole point of the funnel is to transform them from just randomly displaying an interest in what you have to offer to buyers in the end. This can clearly be seen in that the funnel narrows to the point where prospects have to face the sales team who would then put the final touches to a customer who is primed to make a purchase.

Another very important aspect of the sales funnel that is often overlooked by marketers is that it serves to weed out prospects who are not qualified to buy your product. Initially they would show an interest in your free offer at the top end, until such time that other marketing offers are sent their way. This way they are further qualified to see if they are ready to go to the next stage.

As only qualified buyers would make it to the final round, your sales team would not have to waste much time trying to convince prospects who are only vaguely interested in your products or services.

Without an automated sales funnel software management tool like the one we use, your chances of making huge profits are minimal as you won’t be able to establish where the hiccups are. Allow us to shed more light on how our sales funnel can ease the sales process.