Affiliate marketing as we know is a popular way for potential marketer to get their feet wet when wanting in on internet marketing. In essence, it is an internet based marketing platform where business owners would pay affiliates for each customer or visitor they bring in through their affiliate marketing efforts. They therefore act as the spokesperson and spread the word around about a company owner’s products or services.


Affiliate marketers have come to realize that they can be even more successful if they make use of content marketing. But as we know it is not always a resounding success. Many have tried and failed. They are often misguided and end up spending precious time and resources which sometimes involve unnatural spam tactics, leading to a poor user experience.


Most would be affiliate marketers may expect to experience overnight success. Unfortunately, be as it may, it is not a get rich quick scheme. To get involved in content marketing requires a lot of dedication and focusing on providing quality material. It all depends how much energy you put into it as well. Low quality input equals poor results. Whereas high quality input would ensure you get to have a solid foundation that will get you results.


You need the input of experienced content marketers who will get you off on the right food, making loads of money by making use of a successful marketing campaign. Marketers like Easy Dial Marketing would provide you with solid content marketing tips. To give you and idea of some of these, we will briefly touch on it by listing it below:


  • Choosing Your Niche - You need to ensure you select a niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. If you select a market you have no experience in, then it will take you longer as you first need to gain some insight on the products or services you are promoting. Rather begin with a foundation that you know, then expand on it by getting the latest update on your relevant niche.


  • Your Own Website - The guys at Easy Dial Marketing have seen it time and time again. Marketers become far more successful when they have their own TLD (top level domain). This is so as link ownership is seen to be critical to your overall affiliate marketing success. In addition, it protects your commissions, and shows your prospects that you are there for the long term. Besides, owning you own website that has a top level domain embedded will result in your audience trusting you as a credible source of information in a particular niche. Some credible elements that will help you gain their trust, include having original content, telling them about yourself, being contactable, using the power of social media, posting customer reviews and getting their feedback.


The point we are making is that you need to hone in on providing top quality content while you aim at gaining the trust of your audience in giving them a credible user experience. Once you have your own solid platform in place, you would simply pollinate your content from your own website to social media, article directories, and so on. The question is, how can you utilize content marketing techniques effectively? Let the guys at Easy Dial Marketing fill you in on this. Head over to their sites at and see for yourself how easy it can be to become a credible source of information in no time at all.

How To Write Better Call To Actions (CTAs)

Seen to be one of the most neglected parts of content marketing would be CTAs (Call to Actions), in both created and curated content. Yet, these no nonsense phrases at the end of your marketing message are directly responsible for getting visitors to take the next step in becoming a loyal customer of yours. Essentially, they will feel inclined to either download the white paper provided by you, follow you on Twitter, register for your webinar, or even share content with one of their friends.

If you do not have a CTA in place, then your content marketing efforts will proof to be futile and simply serve as a way to inform visitors without the need to take action. It is simply not enough just to publish your content in the hope that your readers will take action on their own. CTA are very important tools when it comes to curated content too. The guys at Easy Dial Marketing will shed more light on this. Just head over to their site at to learn more.

What Goes into a Strong CTA? – 5 Tips to Make Your Call to Action Effective

Below are five tips that will help you to make your CTAs as effective as possible:

Choose a goal for yourself – What is the purpose of your CTA? Is it to prompt people to sign up for your webinar, to share your social media, or get them to download your latest eBook? You should write your CTA based on what you current marketing goal is, and ensure you have a link included to take your visitor to the desired page without too much trouble.

Taking a look at the context – Know what wording to use when a visitor gets to the end of your message, or even somewhere in the middle of your marketing message. It makes no sense to try and get a first time visitor to go for an expensive product right of the bat. In cases like these, your CTA could be something like – “learn more” or “request a demo.” You need to remember that thanks to Search Engines all types of visitors will come to your site or article. So it is important to have the right CTA in place. Easy Dial Marketing will ensure you get to make the most out of your Call to Actions by showing what is needed to prompt any visitor into action.

Ensure your CTA is actionable and short – It will lower your conversion rates if you cram multiple CTAs into one place. On the other hand, long and wordy CTAs will only confuse your readers or get them to ignore it due to a lack of time. Visually, a short CTA has much more impact than a longer one. There is no need to use wording such as “Click Here to Go to Our Free Webinar.” You would much rather say something like “Register for Free Webinar” as this will have a stronger impact.

Strategic placing – When writing curated content or something brief, it is most probably not a good idea to include your CTA as well. This will only distract your viewers. But, once you provide lengthier annotations to illustrate why the content is relevant, you may find it more appropriate to place your CTA then. Always encourage your readers to share your content with their family or friends. This is made easy by providing them with a share button or bar.

CTA Testing – You must test your CTA messages to find out which ones works best in attracting targeted visitors. A few tweaks here and there can do wonders.

Do not ever take your CTAs for granted. Read more how Easy Dial Marketing can assist you in writing powerful Call to Actions – Go to

Article Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Not all that long ago, article marketing became something of a science. Most online marketers make use of this technique and use articles to drive traffic to their websites or blogs. But, for you to tap into this technique successfully, you need to have a few things in place. This would include the quality of your content, the websites where you will be submitting your articles to, and the demographics for which the articles are written, and more...

Common Errors That Should be avoided

Unfortunately, article marketers are guilty of committing mistakes on a regular basis which results in them having a poor reputation and most importantly, lost traffic. Once you've learned what is needed to avoid these mistakes, you will be able to create top quality articles with minimal effort. Read on, and you will see how to avoid article marketing errors, and turn it into long term success instead.

Most marketers know that an effective article marketing campaign will lead them to certain success and the ability to attract quality visitors to their site or blog. But, having said that, one needs to realise that no campaign would be ready for launching unless the articles are already assembled. These should be well written as well as informative for it not to backfire.

One of the first mistakes an article marketer can make when submitting articles is not to check it for errors before sending it. You article marketing will fail dismally if you do not follow this vital step. Just imagine the harm done to your reputation as author if bad spelling and poor grammar reflects within your articles. This will make that readers find it difficult to follow what you are saying. This is why it is so important to read, then reread any article written before submitting it.

The usage of SEO is just as important with article marketing. It will ensure you find it easier to reach out to your target market by making use of relevant keywords and phrases within the body and title of the article.

How to Add Value to Your Article

Your main aim with article marketing would be to attract interested visitors, then add as much value as you can in terms of your offer. Once you achieve this, you will forge a long-lasting strong bond with your target audience. One of your goals should be to submit as many quality articles to leading article directories as possible. You could also send the content written to newsletter owners for possible inclusion. This is free publicity right there.

For you to achieve a good amount of sales, you would need to keep using the right keywords and develop an effective writer's portfolio of top articles to get you the exposure that is needed to earn a solid reputation among your visitors. Through using the proper keywords, and submitting the article written to top article directories, people would soon respect you as an expert in your particular niche.

To learn more how you can become an expert article marketer and avoid common mistakes, you are encourage to turn to Easy Dial Marketing, who will gladly take you through a step by step process on how to be a successful article marketer. You can reach them on 1-300-268-466.

The Power Of Video In Marketing Your Business

In our modern era it is important to know how to use videos to deliver a powerful, effective marketing message. You will be surprised to know, there are businesses out there who make huge profits without ever meeting the customer. Amazingly they make use of video footage to promote their brand and inform their customers of the latest developments.

Clever Ways on How to Use Videos to Deliver a Powerful, Effective Marketing Message

Businesses wanting to market their products or services might want to approach professional marketing experts who are also site owners such as Easy Dial Marketing to get guidelines on how to do it. While it might be a clever way in getting much needed exposure, there is a certain way of doing it to get the maximum benefit from it.

The secret to marketing your business using video hosting sites is making use of subtle tactics to casually draw attention to your product or service without coming across as too desperate with your offering. This way you will get lots of free exposure.

Companies may just want to demonstrate how their product or service works and for this they need to make use of video demos that they run through a particular hosting site run by professional internet marketers.

How To Draw Attention to Your Product through Video Marketing

It is all fair and well having the demonstration videos up and running, but it is another ball game to actually get people coming to your site and viewing what you are demonstrating there.

Make sure your videos are quality as it is very important to grab and hold the attention of your viewers. Inferior quality videos are a sure turn off and will portray your business in a very unprofessional light. It might be a good idea to check what other companies are doing to produce quality videos.

Another point to take note of is that the content must be presented in an interesting way that engages the audience. It is important that your company goes the extra mile to get their audience focused on what is on offer.

How To Direct More Visitors To Your Videos

Companies need to make sure that the demo videos are informative enough to direct visitors to their site. It might be exciting to know that thousands of visitors are frequenting your videos that is marketing your products, but that will not mean much if you do not direct them to your landing page where they will be able to purchase your products or services.

It is a case of getting your marketing mix just right by not giving too much information away through your videos. You need to keep your visitors guessing and get them to click through to your landing page where they will be receive the best offer yet. Companies not making use of videos to deliver a powerful, effective marketing message will be left behind.
For this reason, you should consult with expert marketers who have been in the game for several years now. The guys at Easy Dial Marketing will provide you with sure guidelines to get you going with one of the most powerful online marketing mediums – Video marketing!

How SEO Services Could Explode Your Business Profits

It may seem to be unbelievably difficult to achieve online profits as there is so much to implement with regards to SEO. Just think of things like article submission to article directories, building backlinks, video submission, and bookmarking site, to name a few. What do you need to know about SEO to get your website noticed by the search engines, and to be competitive?

Utilizing the Expertise of SEO Experts

You will most probably have a much better chance of being successful in finding reputed SEO experts who happen to be doing this kind of thing for years already. All you need really is to find someone who experienced it all, and knows what Google requires of you to get you a higher ranking on the search engines.

Regardless of whether you happen to own a small or medium sized business, ideally, you would need to expand your sales in a big way, not so? The one thing you need to help you achieve this, is to look at ways to optimize your web presence. In addition, your business must rise in popularity and get a page rank of 4 or higher. You will have much better sales and profits if your page ranks higher.

Essentially, you need to work with SEO experts who are continuously sharpening the saw with regards to SEO techniques. This is very tough to pull of on your own steam as internet marketing is always evolving.

You should go with SEO professionals who utilize RSS submissions, social bookmarking strategies, linking techniques, blog entries, all of which brings you as small business owner closer to achieving high search results on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, and others.

What Can You Expect from SEO Experts?

It is truly amazing how reputable SEO experts can make a difference to your page rank. In addition, they would manually submit your blog or website to well-known RSS directories and search engines as well as ensure your site gets pinged.

Professional internet marketers like Easy Dial Marketing have their own SEO professionals onboard who will help you create a very powerful linking system that will also include backlinks from famous Web 2.0 sites such as WordPress, Hubpages, Blogger and Squidoo. These SEO experts will find ways to create unique and original articles in the niche of your choice, then submit it to high ranking article directories.

How SEO helps to Increase Profits for Your Business

SEO experts who have been working with small to medium sized businesses for years, know exactly what is needed, and when to do it. They work around the clock to see to it that your blog or site get as many good incoming links as it needs. This will lead to search engines like Google giving your site a much higher ranking than it did before. Can you handle the amount of visitors that will be coming your way?

On playing your cards right and going with Easy Dial Marketing, you would be well on your way in making huge profits that would not have been possible without their help. Pay them a visit at Easy Dial Marketing and experience the difference.

Ground Breaking Sales Funnel Strategies To Get Business Owners Into High Gear

The internet marketing world is big, and provide one with lots of opportunities. What is really nice is that you can take a step back to see what is happening in your business when working online. In the beginning you had high hopes of making lots of money. But, if you are not equipped with the right knowledge, techniques and resources, it can be a long hard battle to rise to the top. You need to incorporate various sales funnel techniques in order to grow as an online business. Lets take a look at three of the most important sales funnel strategies to get you into high gear.

1 - Traffic

The minute someone opt-in to your list by landing on your squeeze page, the sales funnel process starts. People would opt-in to get something of value which in turn gives you their contact information so you can follow up with more offers or newsletters.

It is very important to have this starting step incorporated on your web pages for you to have a chance of building a list for your sales funnel. This way you get to capture crucial information before your visitors direct their attention elsewhere.

Besides, the whole idea is to hold the attention of your visitors long enough for them to opt-in to your offer. The end result is that they are happy to leave you with their contact information where you can make use of an auto-responder to follow up with them.

Regardless of what traffic source you are using to get them to visit your site, the most critical thing is to get them to hand over their contact information to start the sales funnel.

For you to reach this goal, you need to be an expert at driving traffic to your blog or website. This is what you must figure out right from the start. The ability to generate traffic to your landing page is crucial to the success of your online business.

2 - Communication that is Consistent

The next important step for your sales funnel would be to maintain your prospects interest and gain their trust in your products or services.

If you do not provide value with your auto responder communication, you stand a good chance of losing your customers to your competitors. Right from the beginning your goal should be to give your customer valuable content. Once they see you care for them, they will get to know and trust you, and will be more likely to come back to your site.

You will achieve two things by regularly communicating with your list - Firstly, you will indicate that you always provide good quality information, and secondly, it proves to be an affective way to filter out the ones who are not really interested.

3 - Marketing Your Products or Services

Once you managed to build a solid relationship with your prospects, you will move onto the next stage which is marketing. At this stage of the game, you will start promoting your offer to your potential customers.

At this stage your prospects will eagerly wait to see what else you have to offer them. They will anxiously look out for your next email auto responder message to arrive as they value what you give them.

You will be in the powerful position of getting your prospects to start buying what you recommend to them. In turn it will catapult your business into seeing positive results in more ways than one.

At this point of the game, you will be able to sell on the front as well as the back end. Both of these will help you build a profitable sales funnel that you can rely on for years to come. Would you like to know what is needed to get to this point?

Anthony Khoury is an online marketer who teaches others how to become successful as internet marketers. Do not delay in learning what sales funnels to use by visiting Easy Dial Marketing at Easy Dial Marketing as you will quickly learn how to build a lucrative business that can stand the test of time!

Facing The Challenges Of Local Marketing Head On

There are many challenges facing you when you choose to engage in local marketing. The question is - how will you cope with these, and will you be able to face challenges coming your way head on? This is especially true of business owners who work from home. Lets see why this is the case, and the solutions they could implement to make it easier to cope with the various challenges.

There sure are many challenges to overcome when working from home. Many seem to think that it is so much easier tackling a new business venture, and doing so from home. They do not realize what the implication are in taking this step. It requires a lot of forethought, extensive planning and guts to get through it. In addition, you need to adhere to set guidelines if you want to be successful in working from home.

It could be that you signed up for a course on how to run your business from home. But, as with anything, you need to take certain steps before you even think of starting your home business. One of the very first steps would be to have the right mindset while being armed with a set amount of goals in order to have a chance of being successful.

Getting the Support You Need While Running a Home Business

The ones closest to you need to support you one hundred percent. They must be okay with the fact that you will often times not be available. Whether it be your child, your parents, or your partner. Even more importantly, they should respect your working time and take care not to interrupt when not necessary. At times, they may even have to support you financially until your business becomes successful.

Taking Stock of all Your Options

On wanting to start your business from home, you will soon realize that there are various options open to you. Just by taking a look at another business operation who does something similar to you, will help you to improve on what they are doing.

If you choose to get involved in either affiliate marketing, network marketing, or setting up an online store front and sell physical products, you would need a very good business coach by your side to take you through the various steps that is needed to make a success of your online venture. Easy Dial Marketing has the necessary expertise to help you out in this regard.

You Do Not Need to Have a Degree in Business to Make it

Regardless of what you've been told, you do not need a business degree to become successful in working from home. Make no mistake, it will be very valuable if you are lucky enough to have a degree, but it would be so much better to receive guidance from someone like Easy Dial Marketing who went through the motions of running a small business.

By becoming a student of these guys, you will soon experience growth at a pace you did not think possible. You need to remember that they will equip you with the necessary knowledge and business tools that will lead to your success.

It does not mean that you can sit back and relax. Easy Dial Marketing encourage you work hard at your business in order for you to know all there is to know to make a success of it. They will be there to lend a hand to help you get through the difficult stages. Contact Easy Dial Marketing today to set up an appointment so they can lead you on the right path with regards to online marketing.

Exploring Main Stream Marketing Opportunities But Focusing On One Only

You'll discover that you are exposed to unlimited income opportunities when you get involved with Mainstream Marketing. For instance, there is a well-known Google program where you need to direct traffic clicking on your ads to another website in order to collect commission. The option of selecting a content rich theme site would be open to you that would also enable you to earn a lucrative income from traffic directed there. You could literally build dozens of these sites in a few hours only.

Other opportunities for income would involve blogging for money. Heck, you could even profit from sites like eBay in more than one way. Not to forget Amazon where you would simply write up some informational products to sell digitally. Internet marketing has become a way of living for most people given the economy. You can get lost in the sea of Mainstream Marketing opportunities

Internet Marketing - Knowing Which Tools to Use

At first glance it would seem like a dream come true. But, the harsh reality of it all is that these opportunities would require you to master some skills. You would even have to buy more than just one software tool, and get your system secured to prevent someone else from stealing your hard earned cash. Should you choose to make use of Google's Adsense opportunity, you would have to use tools like; keyword research tool, HTML editing tool, graphic software tools, software tools to help build your site map, and so on. The point we are making is that you need a set of tools to give you a chance of earning income from various internet marketing opportunities.

In addition, you cannot just go ahead and buy tools you think will do the trick. You need to do your research to ensure the tools you are thinking of using has been well received elsewhere. Then you must buy it, learn what it takes to use it, and finally put it to the test. You will find that some of the sophisticated tools where you automate your blog posts would require a bit of learning which can take you several hours to become familiar with. Then you need to find out how to apply it the right way so that it brings you visitors.

It is Better to Focus on One Main Stream Marketing Opportunity

It is only human to find ways to make money easily. This is why you are exploring main stream marketing opportunities in the first place. At the same time, it is all too easy to get side tracked into exploring too many opportunities at the same time, often while you are still busy learning how to master a previous opportunity. Ten to one, your extensive research got you on the mailing list of one or the other internet marketing expert who now happens to send you the latest and greatest marketing opportunities on a daily basis. You must know that these guys are masters at what they are doing. Most people who dive into internet marketing find they never succeed due to getting side tracked.

It is imperative that you focus on one main stream marketing opportunity only. You literally have to turn a blind eye when other offers get mailed to you. While there is no harm in exploring other opportunities, you need to limit how much time you allocate to it. At the end of the day, you need to commit to your original opportunity, and we mean fully commit to it. The best way to accomplish your goals is to follow someone who has been through all the ups and down of internet marketing. Anthony Khoury from Easy Dial Marketing is that person. Go to Easy Dial Marketing to find out more.

5 Social Media Tips to Help You Moving Forward From 2013 And Beyond

No matter where you search these days, you are going to get a lot of advice about everything and anything you need to know about social media. You will notice that much of the advice has been tried and tested, and is just as valuable today as it was a few years ago. Having said that, other tips are in need of retirement. Not every rule that worked yesteryear will still be as effective today when marketing your business online.

On searching for ways to power up your social media presence you will come across a lot of conflicting advice. You need to remember to wade your way through all of the advice out there, and find what best fits your marketing strategy. Below are some tips that were known as the best thing to do for a long time now. You need to ask yourself if it applies to your business.

You Need to Post Every Day!

This social media rule will apply if your audience expect it from you. If they show enough interest in interacting daily, then by all means, you should continuously update your audience from day to day. But in the event they only require engagements from you on certain days or times of the week, then you need to limit your posting to those times. As long as you ensure that when you post you provide them with valuable information to get them talking and sharing.

Ignoring Traditional Advertising

You may have read or heard that traditional advertising is dead. That is simply not true (How do one explain all the online adverts you get?). What traditional advertising does is create awareness to your brand which will lead to business growth.

Do Not Post on Autopilot

There are still many marketers out there who are dead against making use of automated social media posts. While it is true that you should follow this advice in some cases by not sending an automated message thanking your followers for following you, and tweeting on autopilot every time there is a new post, it can be hard to keep up in manually posting every time a follow up is needed. It sure is very time consuming. You do however require quality content when choosing to use auto responders.

Always Have a Call to Action

Most Facebook updates end up the same way; share this post, buy this product, like this post, etc. In smaller doses, it can be effective, but every single status update that comes with the same request will start having a negative impact on your visitors.

Ensure You Only Post at Certain Times

In order to make the most of possible engagement with your audience, you should know when will be the best time to post to your social networks. There is no set formula where you have to post according to another expert's absolute best time. Having said that, there are some truth in posting at certain times of the week as it will ensure you reach your target audience at at time when they are very active. The way to figure it out is to do some testing.

Say Madam Y's audience has a very high activity during 10am to 12pm, but you do not log in until 4pm. You should do some testing of your own to see when the best posting time would be to achieve maximum engagement from your followers. There are ways and means to formulate you best social media strategy.

What advice would you share? What social media advice do you ignore?

Anthony Khoury from Easy Dial Marketing is a certified social marketing specialist and offers the best training you could ever imagine on social networking, social bookmarking and social marketing. This he offers to small business owners, affiliate marketers, coaches and internet marketers from around the world. Get your free report on Social Networking today!!