How To Write Better Call To Actions (CTAs)

Seen to be one of the most neglected parts of content marketing would be CTAs (Call to Actions), in both created and curated content. Yet, these no nonsense phrases at the end of your marketing message are directly responsible for getting visitors to take the next step in becoming a loyal customer of yours. Essentially, they will feel inclined to either download the white paper provided by you, follow you on Twitter, register for your webinar, or even share content with one of their friends.

If you do not have a CTA in place, then your content marketing efforts will proof to be futile and simply serve as a way to inform visitors without the need to take action. It is simply not enough just to publish your content in the hope that your readers will take action on their own. CTA are very important tools when it comes to curated content too. The guys at Easy Dial Marketing will shed more light on this. Just head over to their site at to learn more.

What Goes into a Strong CTA? – 5 Tips to Make Your Call to Action Effective

Below are five tips that will help you to make your CTAs as effective as possible:

Choose a goal for yourself – What is the purpose of your CTA? Is it to prompt people to sign up for your webinar, to share your social media, or get them to download your latest eBook? You should write your CTA based on what you current marketing goal is, and ensure you have a link included to take your visitor to the desired page without too much trouble.

Taking a look at the context – Know what wording to use when a visitor gets to the end of your message, or even somewhere in the middle of your marketing message. It makes no sense to try and get a first time visitor to go for an expensive product right of the bat. In cases like these, your CTA could be something like – “learn more” or “request a demo.” You need to remember that thanks to Search Engines all types of visitors will come to your site or article. So it is important to have the right CTA in place. Easy Dial Marketing will ensure you get to make the most out of your Call to Actions by showing what is needed to prompt any visitor into action.

Ensure your CTA is actionable and short – It will lower your conversion rates if you cram multiple CTAs into one place. On the other hand, long and wordy CTAs will only confuse your readers or get them to ignore it due to a lack of time. Visually, a short CTA has much more impact than a longer one. There is no need to use wording such as “Click Here to Go to Our Free Webinar.” You would much rather say something like “Register for Free Webinar” as this will have a stronger impact.

Strategic placing – When writing curated content or something brief, it is most probably not a good idea to include your CTA as well. This will only distract your viewers. But, once you provide lengthier annotations to illustrate why the content is relevant, you may find it more appropriate to place your CTA then. Always encourage your readers to share your content with their family or friends. This is made easy by providing them with a share button or bar.

CTA Testing – You must test your CTA messages to find out which ones works best in attracting targeted visitors. A few tweaks here and there can do wonders.

Do not ever take your CTAs for granted. Read more how Easy Dial Marketing can assist you in writing powerful Call to Actions – Go to