Invest in Digital Marketing and Take Your Company to Greater Heights

Invest in Digital Marketing and Take Your Company to Greater Heights

As the old business adage goes, it takes money to make money.

You, the business owner wanting to succeed and profit in today’s competitive marketplace need to be implementing optimised and cohesive marketing strategies. If you fail to invest in digital marketing, you will be left behind, as your customers are increasingly turning to the Internet to inform their purchase decisions.

Digital marketing is the way of the future. If you want to expand your brand, boost sales, and grow your businesses exponentially, then you have to invest money into digital marketing to drive these goals. Both your prospects and existing customers are actively searching for different products and services online. They’re also reading reviews and comparing various products and services.
You need to strategise your marketing budget accordingly with the help of online marketing professionals, as well as the application of methodical analysis such as the BCG Growth-Share Matrix.

Applying the BCG Growth-Share Matrix Analysis to Marketing Initiatives

The BCG Growth-Share Matrix is a portfolio planning model that was created by Bruce D. Henderson for the Boston Consulting Group in 1970 to help companies analyse their business units or product lines. The BCG Growth-Share Matrix can help companies allocate resources, and is used as an analytical tool in brand marketing, product management, portfolio analysis, and other disciplines. The BCG Growth-Share Matrix analysis can also be applied to marketing initiatives.

The BCG Growth-Share Matrix classifies a company’s business units into four categories—cash cows, dogs, question marks, and stars—based on combinations of market growth and market share relative to the largest competitor; hence the term “growth-share”.
Cash cows possess high market share in a slow-growing industry and are considered to be leaders in a mature market. Because cash cows have a return on assets that is greater than the market growth rate, they generate more cash than they consume. Like a real cow, such business units should be “milked” for profits and should be invested with as little cash as possible.

Dogs, in contrast, have low market share and a low growth rate, and as a result, neither generate nor consume large amounts of cash. While dogs typically “break even” and generate barely enough cash to maintain the business unit’s market share, they’re considered to be cash traps because of capital that is tied up in a business that has little potential.

Question marks are businesses that operate in high market growth, but have low market share. Their high growth rate ensures that they consume large amounts of cash, but their low market share ensures that they do not generate much cash. This results in considerable net cash consumption. Question marks have the potential to gain market share and become stars, and eventually, cash cows when market growth slows.

On the other hand, if the question mark does not fulfill its potential, then it will eventually degenerate into a dog after years of cash consumption, particularly after the market growth declines. Hence, question marks need to be analysed carefully to determine if they are worth the investment required to grow their market share.

Less problematic are stars, which are business units that possess high market share in a fast-growing industry. While they generate large amounts of cash due to their strong relative market share, they also consume large amounts of cash because of their high growth rate. If a star can maintain its large market share, it will eventually become a cash cow when the market growth rate starts to slow down or after the star reached a level of maturity by gaining efficiency and cost advantage.

As noted earlier, the BCG Growth-Share Matrix analysis can be applied to marketing initiatives. The online marketing campaigns of successful businesses occupy most of the cash cow and the star quadrants because of the high market share (brand expansion, reach and conversions) that have resulted from these optimised, revenue-generating online marketing campaigns.

Typically, the first step is concerned with evolving online marketing campaigns from the question mark phase to the star phase, and finally, to the cash cow phase. Businesses that started early with their online marketing most likely started their campaigns in the question marks quadrant. These businesses have tested and selected the best online marketing campaigns, and in turn, have optimised these campaigns with their online marketing agency for maximum effectiveness until they became stars.

To paraphrase the words of the legendary advertising executive David Ogilvy: “Never stop testing and your [online marketing] will never stop improving”.

While stars generate huge revenues due to their high market share, they also tend to require huge budgets due to their high platform and market growth rate. Stars that eventually reach maturity will become cash cows.

Cash cows are the most effective marketing campaigns and resulting revenues from this quadrant should be coursed out to fund questions marks until they become stars. Also, a greater portion of the marketing budget should be invested in stars to increase their market share until they reach maturity and become cash cows. This process needs to be repeated in order to be always ahead of the curve in digital marketing.

In the infographic, you will see the cash flow and transformation cycle in action. After going through the experience curve, and gaining cost efficiency and cost advantage, these businesses have online marketing campaigns that have matured and have evolved into cash cows. This leads to high overall revenues for the business, which in turn allows them to develop more stars.

We’ll help you identify the ideal marketing budget for your organisation in order to drive your marketing objectives and business goals. By establishing an optimal marketing budget, your business will become more competitive and profitable in an increasingly cutthroat marketplace.
We’ll also help you test and select the best online marketing campaigns, and optimise them to ensure maximum effectiveness to further your brand expansion initiatives.

We’ll drive your growth, boost your profits, expand your brand online, and increase your leads and sales.

Contact our professional digital marketing agency today, and get a FREE consultation on how to strategically increase your marketing budget.

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Applying Top Content Curation Strategies for Internet Marketing

You may think that original content distribution is good enough. However, content curation is far more important if you hope to have success with internet marketing. The reason for this is that curated content requires a marketer to add your voice to current content. This would be the case whether it is your own or someone else's content. Content curation assists aid marketers to widen their reach in the community. In order to maximize your content curation efforts, you should be focusing on three important elements to bring about massive results.

Three Top Content Curation Strategies for Internet Marketers

First off, you should utilise a variety of media and think of ways to extend your reach through diversifying the various media platforms where you intent distributing your content.
As a content curator who hopes to become successful in internet marketing, you should pay attention to where you want to place your content. The location should relate to the information you want to distribute.

Effectively, you should employ a mix of 3rd party media and social media entities. This way you get to maximise your reach as you would access different audiences and platforms.

Tailoring Your Content to Specified Media Platforms

Secondly, your content will truly shine if you can adapt it to suit a specific media platform. If it fits like a well designed suit, then your content would be more appealing to your target market. Watch out and do not let your content become too integrated with the platform so it appears like wallpaper to the extent where you audience do not even notice it.

You should envision both your original content and curated content to fit the medium you intend using. Before you even start creating your content, you should plan how you will do it to suit various platforms.

For instance, you need to modify your headline to suit the platform. Titles are key to content curation. After all, a new headline can have a powerful effect on your content distribution. You should alter the size of your images to suit the platform. Using visuals will ensure the content you are using pops. Adding commentary is another huge step forward in getting your curated content to pack a punch. Some internet marketing specialists such as the team at Easy Dial Marketing have mastered this technique.

Publish Regularly

If you want to achieve your goals as a business owner, you should leverage the power of curated content and train your audience to watch out for your content. This is the logic being followed by traditional TV schedules and newspapers.

You should make it about your audience and what would interest them. It is a case of building your tribe if you want to build on your goals and extent your authority as an internet marketing expert. You can achieve this if you publish, and distribute your content regularly

In addition, you should be consistent when you publish and share your content so that your audience will keep on showing up to consume the information provided.

For even more content curation strategies, you are invited to get in touch with Easy Dial Marketing for expert advice and tips on how to ensure you get massive content curation distribution, and extend your creative touch to provide relevant context based on the media options you choose.

Internet Marketing Expert’s Secrets

Discover an Internet Marketing Expert's Secret on Working Less and Accomplishing More

As a small to medium business owner, you would have a distinct desire to grow your business and earn more revenue. The very thing that may prevent you from achieving your goals could be due to the fact that you are short of time. If only there was a way to find time to work on planning and preparation instead of working on mundane tasks that require all your time. There is a way. Take it from an internet marketing expert who discovered the secret to working less and getting more done in the process.

These experts gained some insight on how to master time management and put into action certain processes to automate mundane tasks. You too can live the life you have always dreamed of by taking advice from internet marketing companies who stopped chasing fires. Why do you have to end up doing more and more without making any headway in your business? Besides, who can ignore clients demands as well as operational challenges that confront us daily.

Isn't is strange how all types of interruptions distract us when there is some time available to spend on strategy and planning. What is more, the rise of the information age has made the problem worse. The very same devices that is suppose to aid us in managing our time are in effect monopolizing our efforts in various ways. According to recent statistics, only 30.8 percent of our time is used on things that actually matter.

Internet marketing expert's advice is to put a plan together, then live your life by it. You have to put a sensible plan together in order to grow faster. There are three key elements to help you get out of your rut, they are as follow:

1. Goal setting - Many of you would have heard this one before. Setting SMART goals that are specific, measurable as well as time-bound. Most importantly, your goals need constant reviewing by everyone who is involved in your business.

2. Planning your time in advance - Proactive calendaring before your week starts goes a long way in ensuring you find available holes to plan and strategize. In addition, you should review your day's activities every morning to ensure you are fully dedicated to accomplishing your activities.

3. Make others accountable - Ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page, working towards the same goal, but with accountability. Meet with your team on a weekly basis to review progress made. Do not forget to celebrate your successes with your team. This proves to be highly motivational.

By living your life the way a renowned internet marketing expert does, you will soon change the way you look at the world, become more focused and find direction. By being committed to what is important, you will soon produce results. Easy Dial Marketing is a living example of this. You just have to check their site to see what we mean by this.

Why You Need a Marketing Mentor to Show You the Ropes with Internet Marketing

It is like getting a new toy when you get involved in the exciting world of internet marketing. Getting to know how everything works is fun. You can compare it to putting a puzzle or model plane together that you got for Christmas. Once you put that final piece together, the light bulb flashes for you. It is the same with internet marketing. It might take you a couple of years to get to that aha moment!

But, not everyone is lucky enough to get to that stage and might give it up as a bad job altogether with regards to making money on the internet. Unless of course they have someone who can take them through the paces and coach them how to do things that will make them money in the end. This is where expert business partners and marketeers like Easy Dial Marketing comes in handy.

How an Internet Marketing Blueprint Will Put You On The Road to Success

It can be truly mind boggling to put everything together to help you make money online. You need to know how to create an attractive website that will be functional and appealing to your visitors. Not only that, the thing with internet marketing is that once your visitor lands on your site, you need to hold their attention long enough for them not to click away in a hurry.

Then there are things like landing pages, sales pages, PPC, CPA, CPV, using the right keywords, backlinks, e-mail marketing and even auto responders. The key to being successful is knowing how to use the various tools the correct way.

What you need is a blueprint and experienced internet marketing Gurus such as Easy Dial Marketing to literally take you by the hand and give you the steps needed to make you successful without you having to go through the pain of doing it by yourself. The Blueprints provided is exactly what the web doctor ordered to set things straight and make you see your way through in making money on the net.

Trying to do this by yourself may just take you two years or longer. It is better to learn from someone who has been there and done that. Learning from expert marketeers who have been through the mill so to speak is a surefire way to becoming successful in a very short time.

Besides, why go it alone, when you could make use of the expertise of internet marketing professionals like Easy Dial Marketing to show you how to market your products or services on the net.

Why Home Businesses Using Internet Marketing Have an Advantage Over Other Business Owners

Those choosing to start a business from home making use of internet marketing have several advantages over business people who opted for premises. Starting a business from home significantly improve your chances of succeeding especially if you go online when doing so.


The advantages of running a business from home certainly gives anyone doing so an edge over other business owners. Here are the reasons why internet marketing makes sense:


  • Lower costs - When you have a business at home, you do not have to worry about fitting your shop with all types of office furniture, erect billboards, and the like. On the other hand when running a home business you would already have the place furnished and have nearly everything you need already. All it normally takes is converting a spare room, garden shed or garage into a home office. The cost of getting involved with internet marketing this way is therefore very low.


  • Better spending - An additional benefit from having a home business and using internet marketing is that you do not have to spend too much on equipment, materials, salaries, phone and fax, etc. In fact, you can spend it on internet marketing to help your business shape up before you invest money in new computers, phones, office furniture and the likes.


  • Saving time - It does not matter how close your business premises are, you would have to spend time getting there. Being involved with internet marketing from home is a lot less stressful and will save your precious time. All you need to do is walk out your living quarters to your garage, spare room or garden shed which literally takes you 5 minutes if not less.


  • USP - Being involved with internet marketing from home is potentially a heck of a lot cheaper than having to cover overheads at business premises that would influence the end price. What is more you can be more competitive in that you have the ability to sell your products or services for so much cheaper and still realize a profit. Look at it this way, you do not have to spend huge amounts of money on rent, phone accounts, and numerous overheads.


Thus with less overheads overall, and the ability to get a better output due to having more time on your hands, your chances of making a success of your venture is so much better with online marketing from home than premises based business owners.


Experienced internet marketers like Easy Dial Marketing have the necessary know how and are assisted by an expert team who specialises in web design, marketing, and superior content for getting recognised by the search engines. It is best you contact them for a free no obligation quotation.

Should You Choose a Product or Service When Involved with Internet Marketing?

One area that is continually confusing for would be business start ups making use of internet marketing is whether they should choose a service or product to sell. For most, products seem to be an easier choice as customers get to see immediately what they are getting for their money.


What is more, tangible products are much easier to describe. After all, it will convey to the buyer what it does and why it might be worth investing in. It could be something as simple as a garden hoe that is devoid of any technical descriptions or technology.


Using internet marketing is often a very good way to create an awareness about your products, and allows you to draw attention to the various benefits the consumer will get from purchasing it from you. Sometimes a product needs a bit more explaining in the form of a sales page or landing page on the web to highlight why consumers should seriously consider shelling out their hard earned cash. A good example of this would be DVDs and computer software.


This is where internet marketing proves to be very powerful. All the right steps can bring you a great amount of success. It is a case of knowing which steps to take and applying them correctly. Luckily there are internet marketers like the guys at Easy Dial Marketing who knows all the nitty gritty of internet marketing, and are willing to share their success with you.


On the other hand, a service has no residual physical presence. If you think of things like baby sitting, beauty services, dog walking, and so forth, you'll get what we are talking about. Yet, services provided are regarded as extremely valuable and often fetch a lot more money than the selling of products.


In reality all product-based companies are a mixture of both physical products being sold and a certain amount of service delivery. What get consumers to buy a product is often the fact that service support underpins the offer being made. Services that are coupled with the products being sold that consumers really care about are things like 24/7 operating times, guarantees on the quality of the product, and after service.


Regardless of what you decide to do for a business, whether it be selling products or delivering a service, internet marketing will be useful to either one and can boost your overall profits like never before if you know what you are doing. Going with experienced marketers like Easy Dial Marketing would be in your best interest.

Internet Marketing Tactics Paves the Way for When It is the Best Time to Post on Facebook

To get the best results with internet marketing when it comes to posting on Facebook you need to determine when it would be the best time to send your posts. One aspect you need to keep in mind is that on weekends there are a host of interactions taking place between friends and family on Facebook. In fact, the rate for interaction is said to be as high as 14.5%.


We therefore urge you to post away on Saturdays and Sundays. Monday and Tuesday are also good, whereas Wednesday seem to be a waste of time as the interaction rate drops again. Thursday and Friday seems to pick up again, which is a a good time to bring out your internet marketing messages and post away.


When Is The Best Time To Post By Industry?


It is interesting to note that the best time to send your posts tend to vary according to the type of internet marketing industry you are in. It is best to take a closer look at the various industries to see when the best times to post would be:


  • Advertising and Consulting - The weekends prove to be the best time to consult and advertise as posts can receive an interaction rate of as high as 69%. Sadly, most people do not utilize the weekends for posting as a publishing rate of only 11% has been reported over weekends.


  • Automotive - Most people enjoy looking at posts on various automotive brands over the weekend as well as Mondays and Tuesdays. The worst day being Wednesdays. Weekend posts experience an average rate of 15 percent.


  • Clothing and Fashion - If the clothing and fashion industry is your thing, you may want to take note. According to statistics, the best time to fly away with your posts would be on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays where Thursday was seen to experience the highest peaks as interaction rates increased by 13%, which is phenomenal.


  • Consumer Goods - Other consumer goods experienced a spike on Sundays and Wednesdays.


  • Entertainment - It should not come as a surprise that entertainment gets a lot of attention over the weekends where Saturdays experience a surge of as high as 17 percent.


  • Finance - People make the mistake to think that due to most banks being closed on Sundays, there is no need to talk about finance. Little do they know that interaction is as high as 29 percent on Sundays.


  • Food and Beverage - Need we say more. Weekends come out tops as far as food and drinks are concerned. This is why it is the best time to post.


  • General Retail - Who would have thought that Mondays are the best day to post with regards to general retail. Its been said that FB fans like to take their minds of the week ahead by looking at retail pages and what internet marketing news are up for grabs.


  • Health and Beauty - Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are said to be the best times to post within the health and beauty industry. Tuesdays are one of the worst days and should rather be avoided.


  • The Nonprofit Industry - Interaction is seen to be higher during Saturday and Sunday that what can be experienced during the rest of the week. FB fans enjoy the prospect of relaxing over weekends to then engage with certain non profit businesses and organizations.


  • Publishing - The favorite time of the week to catch up on all kinds of news are on Sundays where interaction between FB fans are more than 5 percent higher than the rest of the week. Best to send all you latest posts on this day.


  • Sports - It goes without saying that the biggest sports events normally take place over the weekends when people have more time on their hands. Interaction rates that are 11 percent higher than normal has been experienced.


  • Technology - Amazingly, technology posts do not get looked at over weekends. Mondays are seen to be the best days as interaction rates are more than 30% higher than usual.


  • Telecommunications - The best time to post on Facebook would be on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. It is strange to see that most people seem to post on Tuesdays when interaction is at its lowest.


  • Travel & Leisure - The highest peak is experienced on Sundays when more people would interact with all things to do with leisure activities that include traveling plans


It is all fair and well that we have discussed when it would be best to post on Facebook. But what about, when it is the best time of the day. It is definitely not recommended to send your posts when people are either getting ready for work, or when they are at work, which is between the hours of 8 in the morning to 7 PM. Rather send your posts between the non busy hours, which is between 8 at night and 7 AM. This has been the experience of marketing professionals Easy Dial Marketing.


Online Marketing and the Power of Keyword Optimization and SEO tools

It can be quite a daunting task in finding ways to make online marketing work, which include knowing how to tackle SEO in competitive niches. The search engines are normally saturated with information related to Niches deemed as competitive. Some would make use of black hat SEO techniques to give them an unfair advantage over their competitors.


Unfortunately for them Google clamped down on most online business with their Hummingbird overall in the latter half of 2013. But there are still white hat SEO techniques that works quite well in giving business owners the chance to increase their page rank.


Online Marketing and Keyword Optimization Tools for SEO


To make online marketing work for you, It is a case of knowing which keyword phrases would be popular enough to attract visitors to your particular Niche.


You will be required to do a lot of research initially to help you determine which keywords get enough searches without being too competitive. Especially if you consider that Google did away with their free keyword research tool with the recent change over to Adwords.


One still have to be careful that you do not overstuff your keywords. The content should be all about providing value to your readers and placing your keywords where it would make sense with regards to the overall context of your website or blog content.


Linking to Your Neighbors


It would be in your best interest to collaborate with your neighbor if you want half a chance of making marketing in the online world work for you so that you could link to their site and they in turn link to yours. This way you would encourage link exchanges as well as page transfers.


Without a doubt, the more outbound and inbound traffic you generate between yourself and your neighbors the more the spiders will crawl your site resulting in a higher ranking overall. You can be sure that the search engines will love your pages and reward you accordingly. In order to achieve this phenomenal feat you need to enlist the services of reputed online marketing experts.


Easy Dial Marketing aim to be the best in their field, and as online marketing experts themselves they have the tools, the team and expertise needed to turn any wannabe online marketer's dream of going from zero to hero into a definite reality. Once on board, you will be equipped with an arsenal of internet marketing tools to propel your business into overdrive and take you to new levels never experienced before.

How Online Marketing Can Open Up More Business Opportunities Than Ever Before

Using online marketing to market your business with has several advantaged attached to it. Let's look at a case example of how a young woman in Europe, aged 29, who was teaching English in France, discovered just how powerful doing business on the web can be.


Caronne discovered that other companies made use of distance teaching to show students in other countries how to learn English. A lot of people in European countries were in love with the idea that they could learn to speak English at their own pace, and at a time that is convenient to them without the need to travel to lessons.


On returning to England, she soon realised that teaching English by phone was not a common practice. This was when Caronne decided to set up a website and through the assistance of a marketing Guru she managed to leverage the power of online marketing. She soon attracted students who expressed an interest in learning English.


Just a few years later, Caronne's business was booming. She now employs other English language teachers and is still giving lesson herself as well. Even though it took a lot of guts and perseverance to see it through, all the hard work and effort put into it, which included utilising online marketing was well worth it.


How Online Marketing is the Route to Success


Using online marketing as the route to reach success with your business is what most startups and existing business owners discovered works for them. After all, the internet serves to be a classic route in marketing your offer to prospective clients. All you really need is a good computer, an internet connection as well as a winning idea. In addition, it will be an added bonus to have a team of online marketing professionals to guide you along. After all, the sting in the tail lies in having the last word, which is something that the professional marketers at Easy Dial Marketing soon discovered.


If you think back to when the internet first made its appearance. The business who showcases their wares then made a killing as all they had to do was be present on the net. It sure is a whole different ball game nowadays. Especially if you think of failures like while others like Amazon. com and Lastminute. com prospered. You need to know how to position yourself and whatever the route to online marketing is.


How Internet Marketing Experts Go About to Make Your Business Grow

When you choose to work with online marketing experts like the guys over at Easy Dial Marketing, you will have your very own business partner who will take you through several much needed processes to make it online. This would include state of the art Website Design Services where they would display the necessary patience and listen to your objectives in order to assist you with your business plan and the best way to make steady progress going forward.


Internet marketing experts worth their salt will go one step further in showing you how to use various Mobile Applications to give you a fighting chance against your competition. In addition, you will learn how to stay in tune with various social media platforms while using Mobile Apps to give you the edge you need. Not only will this enable you to stay on top of the latest developments in the tough business world, but you will also be staying in touch with your most important asset, Your Customers!


What is more, you can be sure that Google will love your website as you get offered the best SEO optimisation services around. After all, the main focus of internet marketing experts like Easy Dial Marketing would be to help you achieve ROI that will have you as business owner smiling all the way to your financial institution. At the end of the day it is about getting results and increasing your page rank in order to attract targeted visitors. What better way to accomplish all of this than letting professional internet marketing companies provide you with customised marketing solutions to suit your business needs.


Seen to be one of the best internet marketing solutions to help your business grow is for you to have an eCommerce web presence. You are provided with a state of the art eCommerce Cart Software to help you get a bigger piece of the market through attracting business on a worldwide scale. Be assured that you will never ever be alone in that you will always have a dedicated trained internet marketer who will give you personalized attention to ensure everything runs smoothly.


There is only one way for you to see if going with internet marketing experts is the best option for your online venture, and that is to test it out. Easy Dial Marketing would gladly provide you with a free quotation so you can decide which package would suit your needs best. Your success is first and foremost in the mind of these internet marketeers.

How Guest Blogging and Other Related SEO Strategies Will Strengthen Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Believe it or not, it is very important to do your fellow business associates a favor through writing a guest post on their site that will ensure that their visitors get to visit your site in turn. It sure makes for a sterling internet marketing effort that benefits everyone.


Something else you could do is to sign up for Google Alerts through your Gmail account and get Google to notify you of new posts. This way you are able to comment on the latest alerts that is in line with your Niche. It sure is an excellent way on how to boost your internet marketing efforts and get it to work for you down the line. Besides, it is bound to give you the edge over your competition.


Guarding Against Too Many Backlinks for SEO


You need to steer away from making use of services where millions of back links come your way. While it might bring you to the first page of Google or any other search engine, it is not regarded as quality and will hurt your reputation as a business owner in the long run. This is something that the guys over at Easy Dial Marketing realised early enough in life.


Content is King


Providing well researched written content that provides real value in the eyes of the readers will go a long way in getting you noticed by the search engines. In fact, that is what the latest Google updates are hoping to achieve. They do not want content that just fills the web pages with a whole lot of meaningless information that provides no real value to the reader. Internet marketing the way it used to be done is forever gone.


LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is another way to submit highly optimized content. It works in that it is a mathematical algorithm where non-content words are removed to then compare the remaining content with documents elsewhere on the net. It serves to ignore filler words or prepositions. This is well suited to larger databases and does a lot of good for your site or blog in improving your SERPS. Expert marketers like Easy Dial Marketing continuously use internet marketing tactics like LSI to improve Page rank.


Ensuring Your Site is Technologically Advanced for Ranking Purposes


It is absolutely crucial that you ensure your site is compatible with all browsers and can be viewed with ease on all mobile phones. Site owners are not always aware of this when they incorporate various designs that make their business look smart. Top web developers and designers at Easy Dial Marketing put in a concerted effort to ensure sites they work with is not only user friendly, but technologically advanced as well.


They forget the importance of ensuring their site is scalable and user friendly at the same time. To help ensure that you know how to tackle SEO in competitive Niches, you need to stay in tune with the latest technology so you can attract the new generation of mobile users who do not have a lot of time on their hands to find what they are looking for.

Engaging Your Fans Through Creating Top Internet Marketing Ready Fanpages

The best way to attract targeted visitors to what you have to offer is through engaging your fans by building a superior internet marketing ready Fanpage on Facebook.  Building the perfect Fanpage involves making use of all available opportunities within Facebook itself.


There are a couple of main areas where you should be focusing your attention in order to create a positive experience for your fans. Let's take a look.


Engage Visitors Through Using Good Visuals on Your Profile Page


One top internet marketing technique often used by marketing experts at Easy Dial Marketing would be to provide engaging visuals on your profile page. You could even have a large image that would include a very nice promotional banner of your company.


Make Use of Visual Branding


Nothing is quite as engaging as visuals, which is why making use of custom tabs as an internet marketing strategy may prove to be very effective with regards to visual branding.


Provide Added Value Through Engaging Your Fans With Contests


Enticing visitors to come to your page is easier when offering something in return through contests and coupons. This will certainly boost your internet marketing efforts in turn.


Targeting The Most Prominent Demographic Market on Facebook


It is in your best interest to look at demographics when getting involved with internet marketing as several Facebook users would come from the younger generation who earn top salaries these days. This makes that most of your marketing efforts should be geared towards what would interest them. They are the ones who could either make or break your business with the news that they share with their friends about you.


Always bear in mind when you build your fan page it is like that piece of real estate property. Make sure you keep your fans interested in what you have to offer and take time out to keep it exciting. This is key to leveraging one of the top internet marketing strategies - keeping your fans engaged. Not only that, visual stimulation and providing valuable information that is worth sharing with their friends is what will help to engage your Facebook fans at all times. Easy Dial Marketing suggest that you always look for ways to make your offering even more attractive while keeping your content relevant.


Your internet marketing ready site will be what save it for your business at the end of the day, which is why you should do your best not to go it alone, but jump on board with marketing experts who know their game.

Did You Hear It Through the Grapevine – The Power of Online Marketing and What They Say About You

Who of you do not marvel about one or the other tale? Some of you would proudly say that you heard it on Twitter. This is what we here at Easy Dial Marketing would like to call the power of online marketing. People love to hear something interesting, and you can imagine how much more Twitter will be used since it went public at the beginning of November 2013.


All of us find one or the other tidbit of news on a daily basis by keeping our Twitter accounts open, or checking out our Tweet notification in our Inbox. It is truly mind boggling what effect this social media giant has on online marketing. As of late there are some 9.6 million active users and over 2 billion search queries that this giant boast of as well as over 400 million tweets. But where do all the tweets go, and are they of any use to online marketers? What should those involved in social media marketing be doing within the first 24 hours of tweeting.


The thing with online marketing and social media channels is that even though you learnt how to optimize your various updates, it does not mean all the tweets you posted will be retweeted.


If you consider that there are over 9,000 tweets flying around per second and that followers would make up their own minds as to whose tweets they will follow, then it is not set in stone that what you say about your company will be eagerly shared by others.


Here is how you can make a difference with your online marketing efforts using Twitter:


  • Regularly check tweets in your social Inbox to discover what it looks like in real time. You will get an objective view of what was tweeted and be provided with hints on how to improve your Twitter marketing next time round.


  • Ask yourself if your tweet headline is attention grabbing enough, we regularly do!


  • Take note when re-tweets are occurring. It generally happens between 3pm and 12am EST from Mondays to Fridays. This is the easiest way to engage with followers for business owners wanting to share a major announcement or sharing big news.


  • Do not schedule your tweets closer than an hour apart. The longer you leave it to shine on the top of your page, the longer time your followers have to engage and share it in turn.


  • After your tweets had about 12 hours to make its impact, it will be time to post it on similar networks like Pinterest and Instagram. Best you ensure that your tweets performed well before you intend posting it elsewhere.


  • After 24 hours time you should look to see how your tweet performed on Twitter as by now it is old news.


We encourage you to head over to Easy Dial Marketing if you want to discover more innovative ways to boost your online marketing efforts.

Top Internet Marketing Strategies Using Keywords To Generate Traffic To Your Site

First, make sure you only target one keyword or keyword phrase for each page. Make sure you optimize your page for this chosen keyword - put it in the title, in the headline, in the first and last 25 words, use variations of the keyword throughout the page. Pay attention to the keyword density of your page. But don't over stuff your page with your keyword or keyword phrase. Try for a middle ground with your internet marketing strategies and always write your content for your visitor - the search engines.


Second internet marketing strategy - Off-page factors will play an important role in the ranking of your keywords (especially in Google) so you have to build links for other high ranking pages for your keyword. Place your keywords and variations of it in the ANCHOR text of your links.


Third internet marketing strategy - You have to build as many of these anchor text links to your site as you possibly can. This is easier than most people realize - depending on your marketing budget, you can simply buy these links on theme related sites. Or one of the best ways is to write simple 'how-to' articles on the site's keywords.


Don't underestimate how effective this simple technique can be. Make sure you place your keywords at the beginning of your article title, also place it in the first and last paragraphs of your article. What is more, you can place anchor text links to your keywords in the resource box of your article.


If you don't have the time to write articles, just hire someone to do it for you.


Please Note: In a Post Panda World - it is best to keep all your articles unique to the site you have submitted it. Don't use Software to spin your articles. Make sure you vary your anchor text links so that they are natural... add some "click here", "go here" or use the complete URL as your link.


Remember Article marketing is also an excellent way to Pre-sell - you're putting your potential customers or visitors in the right frame of mind before they visit your site or product. This gives them valuable information and wets their appetites for learning more about your site or product.


Pre-selling in internet marketing is key to making online sales, especially true for affiliate marketing. Don't try to sell anything in your articles, just give valuable, helpful information. Leave the dirty work for the actual vendor!


If you take the advice offered here, you will quickly discover the important role keywords will play in generating traffic to your site. Used properly, keywords can be your most effective internet marketing tools, creating an explosion of traffic and sales which just keep coming, hour after hour, day after day...

Why Keywords Rule The Net And Should Be Treated As Internet Marketing Tools

All your online marketing in one form or another will be connected or related to your keywords. They are the vehicles that will propel your site or sites into the spotlight. It all begins with your keywords...


Without further delay, we should just dive right in and see what keywords are all about and discover why they are so essential to your online marketing efforts.


Explode Your Traffic And Sales With Keyword Marketing


Keywords are the most significant contributing factor to the success or failure of your website. Keywords are the fundamental building blocks of the web. They are essential elements which must not be ignored.


In other words, choose the wrong keywords and it's game over even before you write one line of code or pick out your first template. Choose the right keywords and you can set your site up for an explosion of traffic and sales.


Despite the overwhelming importance of keywords, many beginning webmasters or marketers are still unaware of keywords or even the major role keywords play in the whole underlining structure of the Internet.  They remain oblivious to this key factor quietly fueling almost all of the successful sites on the net.


Every webmaster or marketer must master a basic understanding of keywords, they must realize the role keywords will play in the success of their site or sites, and they must learn how to effectively use keywords to create an explosion of traffic/sales to any webpage.


What are keywords?


Keywords are the exact words Internet users type into the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to find what they're looking for on the web.


Whether they're looking for the 'number of planets in our universe' or the latest 'gaming laptops' - keywords dictate the majority of the interaction or activity on the web.


Pick Your Master Keywords


When designing a website, you must pick master keywords or keyword phrases that directly relate to the theme or topic of your site. Most experienced webmasters will put their most valuable keyword in the title of their website and also in their site's URL. All major keywords (your master list) should appear or be linked on ALL the pages of your site.


Next, target minor related keywords on other pages of your site. Place the keyword or keyword phrase in the title of your page, in your page URL in the first 25 words and in the last 25 words. Spread your keyword and variations of it throughout your copy on that page.


Webmasters must understand the level of competition for each keyword they choose to place on their site. Popular keywords which receive hundreds of thousands of searches a month will naturally have stiff competition. Less popular keywords which receive only hundreds of searches a month will usually have far less competition.

The Autoresponder Is One Internet Marketing Tool Every Marketer Should Have

This tool is perfectly designed for Internet Marketing. It will automate your whole marketing process and put your sales on Auto-Cruise.


It is one of Internet Marketing’s most effective marketing tools. It keeps your product, service or website in front of your prospects or visitors so they won't forget you! Without a doubt, Autoresponders powers most of the Internet marketing on the web.


Autoresponders are perfectly engineered for Internet Marketing. Their simplicity will surprise you but the results you will get by using Autoresponders will more than amaze you.


As a dispenser of information that's always on call, the Autoresponder is a little workhorse that always delivers - 24/7/365.


People need to trust who they are buying from - your AutoResponders will build that trust. They will help you build a relationship with your subscribers and clients. In our wired (sometimes scary) world, autoresponders can be a friendly link to your website visitors, clients or patrons.


Marketing studies have constantly shown that customers rarely buy on first contact, it usually takes 6 to 7 follow-ups before they buy. AutoResponders will keep you in contact with your site's many visitors or prospects. Use your autoresponders to provide useful information on topics that your subscribers want and you will create a flood of repeat visits to your site or sites.


In the process you will build up a valuable list of targeted prospects. Potential customers who want to know more before they buy. That's the main reason many professional marketers use autoresponders --- to build a loyal list of contacts who will return to their sites and become repeat customers again and again.


Setting up an autoresponder does take some work, especially writing the series of follow-up messages that you will be sending to your visitors or prospects. Placing the HTML subscribe box code on all your webpages does take some time unless you're using a common template. But the saving grace for auto responders is that once it is set up, you can simply forget about it.


Auto responders will automatically do all the follow-up work for you. These systems will work for years, drawing in and building a valuable targeted list of contacts and clients. Most marketers would be dead in the water without their autoresponders!


There are many reliable AR systems you can choose from and you can also place your own Auto Responder on your server, however, because it only takes one spam compliant to shut down your site; most savvy marketers use 'Third Party' Providers for their AR systems. This is what the guys at Easy Dial Marketing discovered too.


How to Turbo Charge Your Site With An Effective Internet Marketing Tool – Article Writing

Composing articles identified with your webpage's theme and syndicating these articles everywhere throughout the web is an extremely viable internet marketing method for marketing your website. This basic, yet viable marketing system will focus on guests, increment your rankings and help your rankings.


In spite of the fact that it sounds increasingly like a catchphrase from an internet marketing advertiser's buildup fest, it is the most appropriate expression to depict the impact article composing will have on your site. It superbly enables marketers to make major profits of article marketing.


Article composing will rapidly:


l  Boost connections to your site


l  Help offer or presell your items


l  Acquire more than enough attention from targeted visitors


It will bring about a tremendous impact that can be jostling...


There is a gigantic surge of guests going to your site. In some cases, it might just be one site which gets your article featured in their ezines, accumulating targeted traffic to your site. Different times, it may be numerous locales and ezines showing your articles, making it possible to experience a huge flood of visitors to your site.


Online discussions, subscribers' inquiries, and expert marketers talking about various internet marketing strategies can be an extraordinary source of useable ideas. Accumulating and composing unique articles that might emerge from all of these sources can be difficult to do.


Here are a few pointers that may help you with your internet marketing venture:


You may want to use Google as your editor by simply typing in what you want to check in the search bar.


  • Asset Box - Like the title, you should call attention to the source of the information provided and direct your connections who read your article to your site through your URL at the closure of your article. Updated Newsletters would likewise meet your expectations. In the event that you're catchphrase internet marketing is being highligthed throughout your newsletter, then Google will remunerate you abundantly for this linking to it.


  • Be notable. Yet don't go over the edge. Compose brief, enlightening and accommodating articles that will carry enough interest with regards to your site. By narrowing your niche to one area, you will soon become an authority on the particular subject.


  • Uncover the Right Title - Choosing the right title will represent the moment of truth for your article, keep it short and put the fundamental points of your article in your title, i.e. what will bookworms really gain from perusing your article? Ensure that you place your primary Keyword Or Keyword Phrase in the title.


  • Keep Your Article Short and Concise - If you need your article to be grabbed by ezines, then ensure that you keep it short (300-1200 Words) and focused. We find that articles in the 700 - 900 word bracket also do great, more drawn out articles less so.


For more useful and handy tips on internet marketing, you should tap into expert marketers like Easy Dial Marketing' know how.

Finding Suitable Internet Marketing Or Work At Home Opportunities

There are a lot of advantages to be had when involved with internet marketing which include working from home. Most of the time your time is your own, depending on what you have decided to do from home. Your dress code is a lot more relaxed, if you are not required to see clients.

Another bonus is that you can have your coffee as strong as you like. With all the resources and tools at your disposal, it is easier than you think to get in involved in work at home opportunities. As long as you find what is suitable for your circumstances.

More and more employers are outsourcing their work to people working from home rather than going to the trouble of recruiting employees and having to put up with various overheads and paying out benefits such as medical aid, pension funds, etc. This puts you in a powerful position to scan the list of available work at home opportunities to see what will match your particular skills and work experience.

Be careful that you do not take on something that you have no knowledge on. It can prove to be very frustrating in the end as you will spend an endless amount of time learning how to master certain skills that are required to perform the job at hand.

Types of Work At Home Opportunities

Once you conduct a search on the internet you will find there are various kinds of jobs on offer for work at home candidates. It can range from basic administrative work like data capturing or typing up documents to more advanced type of work such as web development. Some of these work opportunities might require that you go on some courses before you even apply.

Most people play it safe and start any work from home or internet marketing ventures on a part time basis. Another concern you may have, is whether the companies your found online are legitimate work at home businesses. I you want to be more in control of the situation, then it might be better to create your own job.

Here as just a few ideas of what can be done working from home online and offline:

  • Online writing or administrative work – You could sign up at places like Elance where you can kind of select the job that is suitable to your skills.
  • Making Gift Baskets – If you are creative and have an eye for design, then this could be a great work from home business
  • Pet Services - Lovers of animals might want to get involved in pet sitting while owners are away or dog walking and other related services involving pets
  • Internet Home Based Business – The advancements made in technology makes it easier than ever before to set up your own internet marketing business where you could offer various services or even sell your knowledge in the form of eBooks or by setting up a membership site for like minded individuals.

Whatever you decide to do, you will do yourself a favour to tackle just one task at a time and give your undivided attention to the job at hand, then you will have certain success with your chosen work at home or internet marketing opportunities. This is what Easy Dial Marketing discovered earlier on in life, and what they would like to teach others to do too.

Six Ways Top Internet Marketing Assistants Will Help Grow Your Business

Getting an internet marketing assistant is a magnificent way to help grow your business. Especially if the assistant specialises in marketing and has the needed experience to boost small to medium business owners online presence.

Having a strong presence on the world wide web is essential if you wish to remain competitive in our tough economy. Through having an internet marketing assistant assist to increase your popularity online, your business will very likely increase its profits.

Let us get straight to the point and highlight the six ways an assistant can help you find customers who are a good fit for what you have to offer:

  1. Website optimization – There is much more to optimizing your website than just making use of SEO practices. An assistant will go on to tweak your site to the extent where visitors will find it much easier to find what they need. Prospects should be able to navigate your website without too much effort. If someone has to struggle just to locate your email address, then the chances of them asking you a question that would have led to a sale is highly unlikely.
  2. Syndicating your content – Syndicating your articles all around the web is an excellent way to promote your message to the world. To make this possible an assistant can go on to create feeds from your blog, social media page or site so that your fans and supporters as well as prospects can stay up to date with content recently created.
  3. Social Networks - While some of you might be experts in social media, it sure can be hard to consistently stay in touch with followers on a daily basis. This is where an internet marketing assistant can take charge and assist by engaging your audience, providing effective CTAs (Call to action), and recruit new fans and followers.
  4. Video Marketing - To give you the edge over other marketers your marketing assistant could combine a variety of visual and audio tools to help create promotional videos that clearly state your offer and how it will benefit your prospects. This may even include music videos which your marketing professional can create using a variety of useful ideas that got them to be successful.
  5. SEO - An internet marketing assistant can assist by ensuring your site or blog gets the improvements it needs to optimise it for the search engines. This they would accomplish by assessing your business and putting an SEO plan together to help improve your visibility and page rank.
  6. Email newsletter or ezines – Never underestimate the reach an email newsletter will have. An expert marketing assistant will use their expertise in crafting engaging, informative and entertaining material that would also have a main call-to-action included

If you are hoping to remain competitive in today’s tough business world, making use of an internet marketing assistant to help you get found online while increasing your profits at the same time makes perfect sense. Easy Dial Marketing can help your business go places and become highly profitable like you would never believe, until you experienced it for yourself.

Internet Marketing Is Set To Explode Even More In The Near Future

There is no doubt that the convenience of internet marketing is what attracts both existing and new business owners like moths to a flame. The internet is part and parcel of everyone’s daily lives. More and more people get access to the internet through using their laptops, iPads, smartphones or desktops. Whether it be at work, at home or while traveling.

Business owners everywhere need to get a firm grip in making use of internet marketing to not be left behind by their competition. With the ease of gaining access to the internet via mobile phones and other portable media where wireless technology is freely available just about anywhere, businesspeople need to make good use of the marketing potential it has to offer.

Common Areas Where The Convenience of Internet Marketing Can Be Seen

According to World Internet User Stats the growth experienced in various continents that show how users view the convenience of internet marketing is a real eye opener for any potential or existing business person. Not too long ago in December of 2011 the stats were already an indication of how internet marketing is set to explode in years to come. Great things are predicted for 2014 and beyond with regards to accessibility issues. The following stat were reported by Nielsen Online:

  • Africa experienced a tremendous growth of over 13.5%
  • Asia internet usage increased by 26.2 %
  • Europe exploded to a phenomenal 61.3 % in using the internet
  • The Middle East experienced an increased usage of 35.6 %
  • North America had the highest growth of internet users by as much as 78.6 %
  • Australia/Oceania had a growth of 67.5 %
  • Latin America and the Caribbean experienced a growth of 39.5 %

The convenience of internet marketing in advertising your business services or products cannot be stressed enough as more consumers are turning their attention to online shopping than ever before.

The Time is Ripe in Making use of The Convenience of Internet Marketing

There is no better time than right now for business owners of franchises, stores, service businesses, drop ship companies, etc, to make use of the convenience of internet marketing. It is a case of giving the public what they want when they want it. If your site offers your visitors enough information and sufficient consumer reviews to make what you are offering believable, then you have a very good chance of profiting from the convenience of internet marketing.

How You Too Can Experience The Best Internet Marketing Training in Australia

Once you made up your mind to get involved in the wonderful world of internet marketing, you will soon discover that you have bitten off more than you can chew. This is when you realize you need to go on a training course so you can learn from the best in the business. But, with so many training courses and programmes in Australia alone, it is easy to be confused and start suffering from information overload. Luckily there are reputed internet marketing trainers who will present you with the best marketing material, information and tools to boost your online business in ways you never thought possible.

Below are some pointers in the right direction so you know you have an experienced internet marketing company by your side:

  • Clear Instructions - Training programmes are not worth much if it only teaches you about internet marketing, but there are not clear instruction on how to implement it. The best programmes would not just provide you with the information you need, but show you step by step how to put it into practice to make you successful.
  • Marketing Tools - You can be sure that the best internet marketing programme will have tools to assist you in automating your business and get your business onto the right track from the word go. You will even be given free hosting for your website. Some of the tools would include an automated sales funnel, an optimized website, social media know how, SEO and Business in a Box products to get you off to a fast start.
  • Buddy System - Working alongside you as your business partner is one of the best ways for you to learn what is needed to become good as an internet marketer. This is the kind of training programme as an Australian you should be looking for if you want to become successful.
  • Excellent Support - As with anything, sooner or later you will run into some kind of trouble or would need advice. Going with an internet marketer who is there for you when you need them most will go a long way in helping you maintain your edge over your competitors. The best internet marketing team will have numerous ways for you to get hold of them, which would include private messaging, Skype and emails.
  • Affordable Rates - You can be sure that the best Australian marketing firm will not just offer you state of the art support and advice, but will do so at very reasonable and affordable rates. Why do you have to spend all your hard earned money when you could learn all the tricks of internet marketing from experienced marketers such as Easy Dial Marketing.

We trust that the information provided over here gave you a clear indication as to what is needed when selecting the best internet marketing company to assist you with your online business venture. This will be the most important decision you get to make to ensure certain success with your business.

How Valuable and Informative Services Will Save Your Internet Marketing Business

When consumers and other visitors land on your website they expect to be met with convenient marketing services that cater for their specific needs and wants which can be accomplished through proper internet marketing techniques.

You could almost compare it to waking up to a ready made cappuccino or espresso that worked on a light sensor and automatically made your cuppa for you, ready to be enjoyed by you.

The easier you make if for your website visitors to do business with you, the more profitable you will be in the long run. Once they become subscribers and they keep finding it convenient to do business with you, they will be less likely to leave.

Satisfied Consumers Love Internet Marketing Services that Are Easy to work With

As website owner you need to pull out all the stops to entice visitors landing on your site with services that they will find to be both convenient and useful. The whole interface of your site need to be functional and a pleasure for any visitor looking to find their way around your website. People do not want to struggle paging back and forth and not finding what they are after and will very quickly lose heart and browse away to the next available site offering convenient internet marketing services similar to yours.

You should be one up on your visitors and know exactly what kind of information they would be looking for when visiting your site. It should not be confusing for visitors landing on your Home Page or About us page as to what your offering is and how they can benefit from it.

Your products or services should clearly tell them what to expect and make it easy for them to go through the whole buying process in the event that they are interested in following through with what you are offering.

Internet Marketing Services That Cater For Consumer Needs

If your website happen to offer legal or financial advice as part of your services offered, then you need to have everything in place before you even think of launching your site.

Customers do not want to fumble around only to realize that everything is not in place yet and that they need to come back at a later stage to get the service they were after in the first place. Your ducks need to be in a row already as it will damage your good reputation should a visitor find their needs cannot be met at the time of them visiting your website

Internet marketing services that are done right play a huge role when it comes to catering to the needs of any potential customer visiting your site. You could have a visual call out on any given page within your site stating what services you offer and where the customer will find it. Icons can be created that name each of the services provided by you, making it very clear where to go and what to expect.

This way you would have adequately catered for the needs of your visitors who have now become loyal customers of your due to the reason that you have made it easier for them to do business with you. The team at Easy Dial Marketing have some very effective internet marketing tips in store for you.

A Solid Proven And Surefire Internet Marketing Action Plan That Will Show You Results Quickly

It is very important to have a solid internet marketing action plan that will show you results quickly if you want to be successful with your online business.

What is Involved In Getting Your Action Plan Together?

There are various methods available to you in capturing visitors attention that proves to be rock solid. Let us briefly talk about them over here.

Starting with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is imperative to make use of SEO as an effective internet marketing strategy if you want people to find your website. For this you will need good traffic and one way of accomplishing this is to make use of PPC (Pay Per Click) while other methods would involve getting visitors though CPA (Cost Per Action)

Proper e-mail marketing is another very popular method used by many internet marketers to help ensure a solid proven and surefire online action plan that will show you results quickly.

Clever copywriting techniques is another avenue many website owners that are already successful use to not only attract new visitors but to keep existing customer coming back for more through ensuring they have updated content that is fun and exciting.

By employing free advertising, CPA, PPC, e-mail marketing and clever copywriting, website owners get visitors to come to their landing page where they are prompted to opt in to an irresistible offer of getting either special software or an eBook for free.

This would be in exchange for their e-mail address and first names. It is crucial to have a landing page or squeeze page to ensure continued success using internet marketing.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Running a Successful Internet Business

As part of your action plan make sure you make every second count in keeping your visitor on your landing page with an irresistible offer they cannot refuse. The internet world is huge and millions of people are looking for cures to their problems on a daily if not hourly basis.

You need to be ready therefore to capture their details which can very easily be done if you have auto responders in place with a few marketing campaigns lined up. It is important to know how to set up an alternative offer page as well if your visitors should click away from the first offer for whatever reason they may have.

There is more to running a successful internet marketing business. You need to have a good domain name chosen and have a web host that ensure your website is up 99% of the time.

Therefore it is crucial to the success of your internet business to have a solid proven and surefire online action plan that will get you results quickly.

Top Internet Marketing Advice – How to Get People to Read Your Blog Regularly?

It is crazy to think that just over a decade ago, one could keep up with the blogosphere. Since the advent of Web 2.0 and the dot com bust, you could count the number of blogs devoted to things like movies or music on only two hands. Not too long ago though, various companies saw an in-house blog as an inexpensive way to promote their businesses. Nowadays, many online marketers who follow all types of internet marketing advice seem to think that there are way too many blogs. As a result, they decided to cut blogs and spending money on professional bloggers. Would this be the right advice to follow?

It’s been said that you should blog on a regular basis to drive traffic while ensuring you are doing everything in your power to get your blog to stand out from the rest.

Besides, readers are smart enough to notice a blog that is more than just a promotional tool. Unless readers are really interested in your services or products, they won’t add you company blog to their RSS feed only to read plain old product announcements and brand related news. Even with budgets shrinking and competition becoming fiercer, you need to make sure that your blog is less of an advertising dump than before. It should focus more on original content and link back to your site where you are hoping to sell your products or services. This would be considered as smart internet marketing advice.

What Should Your Blogs Focus On?

Informative as well as entertaining blog post would be your best bet for getting your visitors to keep on coming back. Readers become addicted to blogs where there is a humorous voice present of someone who is unafraid to share the various opinions. A good laugh or sad moments are often needed in order to hook the reader and getting them to be loyal followers. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of providing value and not just putting up a list of links with no original content whatsoever.

Various entrepreneurs and business owners are scared to offer their public opinion about current events, the state of a given industry, etc. In essence, to be successful with internet marketing, you need to develop a community blog where people can’t wait to read new posts. Just how do you get to attract commenters to your blog? One way is to take advantage of free online marketing opportunities as provided by Easy Dial Marketing.

Four Interesting Facts About Internet Marketing Leaving You Well Informed

As an internet marketer, you may reason why bother to hire an internet marketing company to do your marketing when you can do it yourself. Truth is, regardless of whether you are new to marketing or an intermediate online marketer, everyone can do with internet marketing assistance. It is impossible to stay ahead of the game by going solo.

One reason why you would need the assistance of a reliable and trustworthy internet marketing company is due to the fact that there is always something new to learn or read about. Then you need to test it and refine it. Now, who has enough time left in their busy time to do all this?

Another huge challenge often faced by web marketers is that there are various marketing strategies to take into consideration. Some of these you may not fully understand, so you would at least want an expert internet marketing company to show you the ropes.

Now is the time to flatten your learning curve and get your business moving forward. For this to happen, you need to hop on board a reputed marketing agency who has what it takes to turn things around for you. After all, they would help you evaluate key marketing strategies to blow your competition out of the water. In addition, they would enable you to tackle marketing projects like you never thought you had the guts to take on.

You need to go with an internet marketing company who has decades of marketing consulting experience that is coupled with a rich online history in the business world. It boils down to the following four explosive marketing strategies:

  1. Drawing up a Winning Business Plan – Are you in need of a powerful PowerPoint presentation to help you clinch the deal? If that is the case, then you should enlist the services of a reputed online marketing company to ensure your business gets to be in the spotlight.
  2. Content Marketing – Any online business owner needs an all-inclusive content marketing plan. In the event that you are not, then you are clearly missing out on unseen opportunities.
  3. Public Relations (PR) – Making use of a PR campaign will give your business the boost it needs. Media coverage and other special branding opportunities need not be sneered at.
  4. Consultation by Phone – Getting on board a successful internet marketing Company will ensure you get offered all the assistance you need to be successful online. This is helpful if you hope to experience company growth and pick up some useful sales advice along the way.

By booking an appointment with an internet marketing professional you will get to learn about:

  • Business and online marketing skills
  • Increase sales that will result in profits
  • Crafting an action plan that is need for business growth
  • Prioritising your daily tasks so you know what needs to be done first

Online Marketing Strategies For Your Business From A Web Marketing Expert
One of the most effective means to promote your online business would be through internet marketing. This is the case, whether you happen to own a medical store, fast food cafe, pet shop, or anything else that would depend on how well you position yourself online. Even though you make use of aggressive offline marketing techniques, without a powerful internet marketing strategy, you stand a chance of losing a large chunk of your customers to online businesses who already have a strong online presence.

Easy Dial Marketing happen to be a Web Marketing Expert who has the ability to provide answers to lots of questions from business owners who also wants their share of the online world. The type of questions they struggle with may include; How do I market my business online? What do I need to do to drive customers to my business?

Popular Online Marketing Strategies Used to Attract Visitors

One of the more popular strategies used would be PPC (Pay per click). Ads you placed will show up in prominent places on the search engines once someone used particular keywords to conduct their search with. Once your visitors click on the ad placed, they will be redirected to you landing page or website. You will have to bear the cost of the click as set by the ad network you made use of. This marketing technique has a twofold purpose. Search is referred to as pull advertising where you would attract the users who actively search for your products. Whereas the actual ad being displayed would be called push advertising in that it is you who have your ads displayed on landing pages or sites where the visitors go to.

Another kind of online marketing strategy would be banner advertising. Your banner image would be displayed on various sites, and similar to PPC, once someone clicks on your banner image, they would be redirected to your site where they would be able to purchase your products or services. This is also known as digital media buying.

Other known web marketing techniques used would be email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, SEO, etc. All of these are unique in their own way. Your success depends on how well you get to implement each one. What would be the right way to engage in web marketing? Many business owners are baffled by this question. You need to have a proper understanding of the basics of online marketing, then apply it correctly to stand a chance of being successful. There is no need to try and do this on your own as you may simply hire a web marketing expert like Easy Dial Marketing who you can learn more about at In today’s competitive environment, it is crucial to get your marketing right, which can be achieved through professional guidance.

Online Marketing Strategies For Your Business From A Web Marketing Expert

One of the most effective means to promote your online business would be through internet marketing. This is the case, whether you happen to own a medical store, fast food cafe, pet shop, or anything else that would depend on how well you position yourself online. Even though you make use of aggressive offline marketing techniques, without a powerful internet marketing strategy, you stand a chance of losing a large chunk of your customers to online businesses who already have a strong online presence.

Easy Dial Marketing happen to be a Web Marketing Expert who has the ability to provide answers to lots of questions from business owners who also wants their share of the online world. The type of questions they struggle with may include; How do I market my business online? What do I need to do to drive customers to my business?

Popular Online Marketing Strategies Used to Attract Visitors

One of the more popular strategies used would be PPC (Pay per click). Ads you placed will show up in prominent places on the search engines once someone used particular keywords to conduct their search with. Once your visitors click on the ad placed, they will be redirected to you landing page or website. You will have to bear the cost of the click as set by the ad network you made use of. This marketing technique has a twofold purpose. Search is referred to as pull advertising where you would attract the users who actively search for your products. Whereas the actual ad being displayed would be called push advertising in that it is you who have your ads displayed on landing pages or sites where the visitors go to.

Another kind of online marketing strategy would be banner advertising. Your banner image would be displayed on various sites, and similar to PPC, once someone clicks on your banner image, they would be redirected to your site where they would be able to purchase your products or services. This is also known as digital media buying.

Other known web marketing techniques used would be email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, SEO, etc. All of these are unique in their own way. Your success depends on how well you get to implement each one. What would be the right way to engage in web marketing? Many business owners are baffled by this question. You need to have a proper understanding of the basics of online marketing, then apply it correctly to stand a chance of being successful. There is no need to try and do this on your own as you may simply hire a web marketing expert like Easy Dial Marketing who you can learn more about at In today’s competitive environment, it is crucial to get your marketing right, which can be achieved through professional guidance.

Online Marketing And Responsive Web Design

What would online marketing be without modern mobile technology that is predominantly becoming a bigger part of our daily lives? Especially with the introduction of faster mobile networks such as Telstra. Just look at this excerpt taken from Financial Review dated 11 September 2013 – “Telstra has begun trials of a new mobile technology that can reach download speeds up to nine times faster than what the Coalition’s national broadband network will deliver to most homes and businesses.”

This type of news excite both consumers and web visitors and prompts them to view websites via their mobile phones and tablet PC’s. While it is possible to view some websites using mobile devices, the overall layout may not change where the design is not responsive enough. In addition, users may find it to be frustrating to navigate or even search for information. As an online marketer who is concerned about online marketing, it is important to think about using responsive web design. It will enable you to physically alter the layout of web pages so that it fits comfortably within the width of your mobile browser.

Since the invention of smartphones and iPads, over a million screens bloomed which leaves online marketers having to find web designers and developers to help them build all types of layouts that is compatible with several devices that in turn would improve navigations, user experience and call to actions. Online marketers would do well to enlist the services of these guys if they want a chance of capturing the attention of mobile phone users.

What are the Advantages in Using Responsive Web Design for Online Marketing?

More and more, responsive web design has been accepted by website owners and online marketers as the all in one solution to all their website design needs. There are numerous advantages every internet marketer will get from responsive web designs:

  • Probably the number one reason to make use of responsive designs is that it can be viewed on any platform (Mobile and Desktops)
  • Can be operated on all devices, meaning you only have to pay the web development cost once, saving you lots of money
  • Only one website to update and maintain when you use responsive web design, rather than having to deal with desktop design first, then mobile web design.
  • User experience is greatly enhanced through using responsive designs. Conversion rate would be so much better too
  • Things like penalties incurred for duplicate content are prevented when you opt for responsive web design
  • Intuitive interfaces can now be accessed from anywhere thanks to responsive design

Disadvantages Associated with Responsive Web Design

When it comes to making use of analytics that serves to measure conversions and the performance of your site, then it can prove to be a problem for internet marketers whose intention it is to make use of responsive web design. An example of this is where you have a call to action form that may not appear in the same place every time. Online marketers would need to test and see how the site would appear on various platforms, and how it would impact on traffic.

Web designers and developers hired by them would have a big responsibility as they would have to check and see if a fluid grid, responsive or adaptive design would be better to use.

Another disadvantage is that mobile internet speeds are not as quick as their broadband counterparts. Browsing the net using your desktop is still way faster than using mobile devices. But, this is about to change with faster download speeds from the likes of mobile networks like Telstra.

Another area of concern when it comes to online marketing is SEO. Just think about it for a moment. You may have a business called, or it could be called, and finally – You can bet that the desktop version will be stronger than the rest. Luckily responsive web design takes care of this in that you would have only one URL that links to the same place on all networks.

But, all things considered, Its been said that responsive web design is the future and vital to the survival of online marketers who depend on online marketing to make a living. Let the guys at Easy Dial Marketing show you the ropes with regards to responsive web design and online marketing. Go to for more information.

Best Free Internet Marketing Strategies

Various internet marketing solutions are open to you these days, and are being offered by reputed internet marketing companies like Easy Dial Marketing who will serve as your tool of support to attract all kinds of consumers to your business. They know that it can be costly to run an online business but know of some free internet marketing strategies that you can make use of.

Some of these would include email marketing, top level domain websites, and search engine optimization. Your main goal should be to maximize your ROI (Return on investment). For this to happen, you need to make your selection from some prominent internet marketing solutions to assist you in achieving this. Fortunately, these techniques won’t cost you much as they are easily learned.

One such internet marketing solution would be email marketing. Not only is it a cost effective way to communicate as well as interact with your potential customers, but it serves to drive traffic to your site where visitors can check out your products at their leisure. In addition, this form of marketing can serve to direct your visitors to either newsletters or forums. The added advantage to this free internet marketing strategy is that it helps to expand your database in getting more people to sign up as subscribers to your email list.

Another effective internet marketing solution as provided by Easy Dial Marketing is through websites. Here you get to display a host of important information to targeted visitors. Websites designed by them serve to capture the interest of visitors where they are prompted into becoming loyal subscribers by means of valuable information being provided.

Search engine optimisation is another useful solution as it is a kind of service that helps to raise the number of visitors coming to your website. Once consumers find your site by conducting a research, your site will move up in rank which in turn will attract more visitors to your site.

It would be to your advantage to carefully consider the various internet marketing solutions which are only part of what is being offered by Easy Dial Marketing. Why not avail of the opportunity to realize a positive return on investment by utilizing the services of internet marketing experts by visiting

How To Write Better Call To Actions (CTAs)

Seen to be one of the most neglected parts of content marketing would be CTAs (Call to Actions), in both created and curated content. Yet, these no nonsense phrases at the end of your marketing message are directly responsible for getting visitors to take the next step in becoming a loyal customer of yours. Essentially, they will feel inclined to either download the white paper provided by you, follow you on Twitter, register for your webinar, or even share content with one of their friends.

If you do not have a CTA in place, then your content marketing efforts will proof to be futile and simply serve as a way to inform visitors without the need to take action. It is simply not enough just to publish your content in the hope that your readers will take action on their own. CTA are very important tools when it comes to curated content too. The guys at Easy Dial Marketing will shed more light on this. Just head over to their site at to learn more.

What Goes into a Strong CTA? – 5 Tips to Make Your Call to Action Effective

Below are five tips that will help you to make your CTAs as effective as possible:

Choose a goal for yourself – What is the purpose of your CTA? Is it to prompt people to sign up for your webinar, to share your social media, or get them to download your latest eBook? You should write your CTA based on what you current marketing goal is, and ensure you have a link included to take your visitor to the desired page without too much trouble.

Taking a look at the context – Know what wording to use when a visitor gets to the end of your message, or even somewhere in the middle of your marketing message. It makes no sense to try and get a first time visitor to go for an expensive product right of the bat. In cases like these, your CTA could be something like – “learn more” or “request a demo.” You need to remember that thanks to Search Engines all types of visitors will come to your site or article. So it is important to have the right CTA in place. Easy Dial Marketing will ensure you get to make the most out of your Call to Actions by showing what is needed to prompt any visitor into action.

Ensure your CTA is actionable and short – It will lower your conversion rates if you cram multiple CTAs into one place. On the other hand, long and wordy CTAs will only confuse your readers or get them to ignore it due to a lack of time. Visually, a short CTA has much more impact than a longer one. There is no need to use wording such as “Click Here to Go to Our Free Webinar.” You would much rather say something like “Register for Free Webinar” as this will have a stronger impact.

Strategic placing – When writing curated content or something brief, it is most probably not a good idea to include your CTA as well. This will only distract your viewers. But, once you provide lengthier annotations to illustrate why the content is relevant, you may find it more appropriate to place your CTA then. Always encourage your readers to share your content with their family or friends. This is made easy by providing them with a share button or bar.

CTA Testing – You must test your CTA messages to find out which ones works best in attracting targeted visitors. A few tweaks here and there can do wonders.

Do not ever take your CTAs for granted. Read more how Easy Dial Marketing can assist you in writing powerful Call to Actions – Go to