Beat the Competition with These Online Marketing Strategies

Are you an online marketing professional in charge of your own small to medium sized business? You could very well be the one who takes care of SEO and any inbound marketing strategies. Do not feel alone. SMBs (Small and Medium sized Businesses) easily spend about 20 percent on staff salaries to assist them with internet marketing and SEO. Whereas larger business owners tend to outsource their activities.

Therefore, it is important to SMB's to make use of effective online marketing strategies that would enable them to beat the competition. Here are some of these:

* Primarily focus your SEO efforts on Google as roughly 80 percent of all searches are made through Google. Search engines such as Bing and Yahoo are also important, but somehow less important than Google.

* The right keyword selection would ensure that you choose keywords that are relevant to what you have to offer. The keywords selected should be easy to rank for. In this instance, you may want to use long tail keywords as they tend to be less competitive.

* Create out of the box content that will position you as a thought leader. This will ensure your prospects look up to you as an online marketing professional. They are more likely to buy from you as a result. Your prospects should turn to you for answers to problems they are faced with.

* Another very effective strategy is to be generous and give away information, provide access to tools, and so on. What will happen, is that you will obtain numerous inbound links that will also improve your SEO rankings.

* Rather than push products, make use of attraction marketing through social media avenues like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.

* Utilise call to action where you would provide valuable information that will solve your visitors' problems. All they need to do is to opt in and provide their contact information. Using a tempting call to action will get your prospects into your sales funnel.

* Online marketing professionals should draw qualified leads to themselves through well designed landing pages. Everything from improved SEO to great content comes to a head in your landing pages. Leads must find your offer too attractive to resist. You should have one offer, recap your benefits as well as have a short optin form in place.

* It is key to follow up through using a thank you email as well as a nurturing campaign to get leads deeper into your sales funnel. This can be achieved through additional free offers.

* Tracking your progress as online marketing professional at all times is essential as it will afford you with the opportunity to experiment, then make use of a strategy that will get visitors to not only visit your site, but get converted to leads. At times, changes will need to be made. Therefore, you should have access to an internet analysis tool to assist you in figuring out what is working and what is not.

Overall, to be successful with online marketing requires a lot of patience and tenacity. It is all too easy to become disheartened and give up in the process. On the other hand, if you could enlist the services of expert marketers such as Easy Dial Marketing, then it is a whole different story. You will soon experience the kind of success that your competition never thought would be possible.

Why it makes Sense to let an Online Marketing Expert in Melbourne Do it all for you

Have you ever wondered how a top Melbourne online marketing expert get to have 1000s of subscribers without too much hassle while other marketers find it hard to rake in just a couple hundred. The fact of the matter is that it takes a huge amount of concentration to even begin to build a targeted list of prospects. What's to say getting a 1000 together? Take a look at some of the things you need to do as an online marketer:

• You have to setup a website
• Find content that will be search engine friendly
• Develop a lead capture system
• Have an effective capture system in place that has your site's php or cgi script
• Ensure you protect your site from spam complaints
• Have optin pages that will be user friendly
• Ensure the system you use gets tweaked and tested thoroughly

Another thing that you will find online marketing professionals do is that they would make sure they drive quality traffic to their website which in itself can be quite an accomplishment to say the least. There are numerous list building techniques being used that works very well, but it proves to be expensive and can be very time consuming. Let us do some easy calculations in order to demonstrate what we mean. After all, when you are in business, you need to present figures to show that all your tactics, ideas and strategies are worthwhile.

How Top Internet Marketers Get to Build 1000s of Subscribers

So, what is the secret way top online marketing experts get 1,000 subscribers and more to subscribe to their list?

1st Way - Ezine Solo Ads

Say that you were able to buy solo ads of 20,000 subscribers for $200. While it may cost a little more or less, we will work on an industry average to illustrate the point we are making.

If your ad is really good, you may get a clickthu rate of 3% which is tied to offering something of value.
20,000 x 3% - 600 visitors. Now, say that 50 percent of these subscribe, then you got yourself 300 subscribers where each one costs you say $0.88.
To build your list of 1000 will cost you around $880.00

2nd Way - PPC Ads

Here you will begin a PPC campaign with either or Adwords.
If you get to choose very good keywords, then you would spend on average only 30 to 40 cents per clickthru, then you are bound to attract visitors to your signup page where they get something of value that is also free. With a 50 percent chance of getting signups, you can expect pay around $0.60 per signup, meaning it will cost you $600 per 1000 subscribers.

3rd Way - Article Marketing

This might a free method, but to get it right, you need to write and write and write, and submit your articles countless of times to hundreds of targeted newsletters. We are talking about waiting on average around 5 to 7 months to build a decent list of subscribers. This would mean investing a lot of hours. Unless of course you go with reputed online marketing experts like Easy Dial Marketing to do it for you. Hop on board today and start making the kind of profits that other online marketers can only dream of.

Create The Kind Of Lifestyle Others Only Dream Of Using A Successful Online Marketing Company

Would you say that it is possible to find the kind of business that is suited to your lifestyle? Did you know that is really possible to change your lifestyle with the assistance of a successful online marketing company? Who of us do not think about living the kind of lifestyle others can only dream of? If this sound like you, then we encourage you to continue reading...


You just have to look around you to realize that many people are pursuing one or the other goal. Whether it be weight loss, a new car, that dream getaway, or finding the ideal work from home situation that would let you retire in style in the not too distant future. If you have been part of a gruelling work force, then this kind of ideal might appeal to you.


Unfortunately, it is a pipedream for most people as very few actually stick around long enough to realize their dreams of being independent. With the advent of the internet and the assistance of a reputed online marketing company it may not be as impossible as it may seem. Just think about it for a moment!


With just over 132 million if not more online shoppers around the globe, you would be missing out big time in selling products or services that others want. You may very well reason that you do not have what it takes to even begin selling anything of value. Well, have we got news for you. There are caring internet marketers around who make it their mission to help other achieve financial freedom and living the ideal lifestyle they've always hoped for. These online marketing companies will provide you with all that is needed to set up and run a successful online business.


How Do Online Marketing Companies Provide Assistance?


Generally for a minimum fee, and online marketing company would set up a business plan, and provide you with the necessary training that is needed to get you to understand your business as well as the tools to make it work. Would that be all that is needed to be successful in your venture? No! One very important ingredient is missing as stated by a prominent online marketing company. Determination! You need to have a burning passion to make it work with all odds against you. If you can do that, then you are halfway there already.

Basic of Starting an Online Marketing Melbourne Business


As a resident of Melbourne, you may have a distinct desire to either earn extra money through running a successful online business, or you would like to work from home on a full time basis. Whatever your reason for wanting to get involved in an online marketing Melbourne venture, there are a few basic marketing principles that needs to be followed when contemplating a work from home online business either part-time or fulltime. You will most probably find that anyone who ever thought of starting an online business have scoured the internet and maybe even signed up for a couple of courses to show them how it is done.


As with anything you need to follow certain basic steps to set you on the path to online success with your chosen niche or business. According to online marketing experts such as Easy Dial Marketing, the very first thing you need to develop from the onset would be having the right mind set and to be armed with a list of goals that will help you achieve your lifelong business ideals.


Getting the Support You Need in Running Your Online Marketing Melbourne Venture


What most people forget to realize is that they would need the support of those who will be closely involved with their online marketing in Melbourne endeavours. Whether it be your spouse, a work partner or your kids. This could take the form of financial support or by not interrupting you with trivialities when you are busy working.


Something else that is key to being successful when running any business would be to persevere. Do not for one minute become despondent when it seems that your online business is taking a bit longer than expected to come off the ground. While the growth rate is much quicker as you would most likely attract a wider audience due to the nature of online marketing, you need to remember that most online businesses will only see a profit after the first year.


Easy Dial Marketing found that there are various options open to you should you decide to give the work from home online idea a try. You could get involved in a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) opportunity, affiliate marketing, or sell and market your own products, which could take the form of digital products or physical products.


The main thing to bear in mind when searching for the ideal online business opportunity is to make sure that there are sufficient support systems in place where you get all the training and support you need to ensure your online enterprise will become successful. For this reason, you will do well to speak to online marketing Melbourne experts like Easy Dial Marketing to show you how it is done. Reach out to them by going to