Beat the Competition with These Online Marketing Strategies

Are you an online marketing professional in charge of your own small to medium sized business? You could very well be the one who takes care of SEO and any inbound marketing strategies. Do not feel alone. SMBs (Small and Medium sized Businesses) easily spend about 20 percent on staff salaries to assist them with internet marketing and SEO. Whereas larger business owners tend to outsource their activities.

Therefore, it is important to SMB's to make use of effective online marketing strategies that would enable them to beat the competition. Here are some of these:

* Primarily focus your SEO efforts on Google as roughly 80 percent of all searches are made through Google. Search engines such as Bing and Yahoo are also important, but somehow less important than Google.

* The right keyword selection would ensure that you choose keywords that are relevant to what you have to offer. The keywords selected should be easy to rank for. In this instance, you may want to use long tail keywords as they tend to be less competitive.

* Create out of the box content that will position you as a thought leader. This will ensure your prospects look up to you as an online marketing professional. They are more likely to buy from you as a result. Your prospects should turn to you for answers to problems they are faced with.

* Another very effective strategy is to be generous and give away information, provide access to tools, and so on. What will happen, is that you will obtain numerous inbound links that will also improve your SEO rankings.

* Rather than push products, make use of attraction marketing through social media avenues like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.

* Utilise call to action where you would provide valuable information that will solve your visitors' problems. All they need to do is to opt in and provide their contact information. Using a tempting call to action will get your prospects into your sales funnel.

* Online marketing professionals should draw qualified leads to themselves through well designed landing pages. Everything from improved SEO to great content comes to a head in your landing pages. Leads must find your offer too attractive to resist. You should have one offer, recap your benefits as well as have a short optin form in place.

* It is key to follow up through using a thank you email as well as a nurturing campaign to get leads deeper into your sales funnel. This can be achieved through additional free offers.

* Tracking your progress as online marketing professional at all times is essential as it will afford you with the opportunity to experiment, then make use of a strategy that will get visitors to not only visit your site, but get converted to leads. At times, changes will need to be made. Therefore, you should have access to an internet analysis tool to assist you in figuring out what is working and what is not.

Overall, to be successful with online marketing requires a lot of patience and tenacity. It is all too easy to become disheartened and give up in the process. On the other hand, if you could enlist the services of expert marketers such as Easy Dial Marketing, then it is a whole different story. You will soon experience the kind of success that your competition never thought would be possible.

Earn Loads of Cash through Online Marketing Melbourne

Whether you would like to believe or not, most people do not realize how powerful online marketing in Melbourne can be if done correctly. You could literally earn yourself loads of cash through a well-known marketing company. Let’s take a good look on how James turned his life around by putting into practice what he has learned.

Unlike some who got super excited on finding the latest holy grail of online marketing which led them to refer every single person they could find, John thought better of it, and took a step back. He didn't want to be seen as a spammer and got a bad reputation as a result. Sure enough, it might be seen as a great thing to go about marketing the newest product or service you have found, but it can also bite you in the back. The last thing you want is for your best buddies to start avoiding you.

Like James, you've got to be cautious like the proverbial serpent of Bible times when you tackle online marketing Melbourne. On further investigation, James realized that there are numerous methods that can be used where you will be seen as someone who provides value. Besides, with the introduction of informative items such as pod casts, eBooks and videos it sure is a lot easier to attract the right people to take a look at what you have to offer.

James tried one of these methods, and it wasn't long before he found a group of people who was just as motivated as he was in that they steered towards the same objective of hiring expert internet marketers who are passionate about their business.


Applying the Secret Formula Known by Professional Online marketing Firms like Easy Dial Marketing

One of the secrets that James learned to apply early on was to offer a solution to people's problems. You will be blown away to see how many people are looking for solutions to their problems. The number one problem is being short of cash. For whatever reason they would need money, you could offer them the solution by showing them just how powerful the right online marketing concept can be. Not only will online marketing opportunities provide them with a solution, but they will actually rise above their financial problems.

This is why you could be seen as providing value in that you would be offering future prospects with a much easier way to get on top of their problems.

By taking a step back James separated himself from what others generally do which is to collect hordes of people on promoting their worldwide online marketing opportunity. Instead, he concentrated on raking in people who have passion for making progress by bettering themselves financially. In a way it is not necessarily wrong to attract as many people as you can, but you could be spending a lot of time targeting individuals who do not really care about making money, or progressing. The fact of the matter is that you always need leads. On the other hand, through constant promotional activities to help you fine tune the art of online marketing, you might get someone who is uninspired to become inspired by your example. Do you want to know more? Let Easy Dial Marketing take you through the paces and show you how to make loads of cash.

Get to the First Page of Google with the Help of an Expert Online Marketing Agency

Most internet marketers will tell you that it is very hard to get on the first page of Google. What is more, it is very time consuming once you have an idea how to do it. Google's latest Panda and Penguin updates meant a lot of web marketers were red flagged and given the boot off the search engines. Maybe it is time you enlist the services of an expert online marketing agency to prevent this from re-occurring in the future.


Expert marketing agencies would have done plenty of research and would know what techniques to apply and where to obtain high quality traffic to their sites. You can be sure that it would involve things like social bookmarking, web 2.0, article marketing, video marketing, social media, and the like.

Wouldn't you just love to hear what it takes to get on the first page of Google? While the topic we are discussing won't include every single trick in the book to make it on the first page, it will certainly enlighten you as to two key ways how you may achieve the same. Remember that you need to take it one step at a time, like everything else in life. By just spending 1 hour per day working on your SEO would get you somewhere in the long run. Let us take a look at a well-known two-step process known as on-page and off-page optimisation.


On-Page Optimisation Tip from an Online Marketing Agency


Seen to be the most important step yet for getting your site ranked on the first page of our favourite search engine, you guessed it - Google, would be on-page optimisation. How does a professional online marketing agency do it? Without letting too much out of the bag, we can tell you this - You must have your keyword positioned in your URL, the title, your meta description, at least once or twice in your first paragraph, then 3 to 4 times within the body, and finally at least once in the last paragraph. This will immediately boost your site rankings


Off-Page Optimisation Tip

One such online marketing agency made use of article marketing within the first month of their site being live, and submitted it to top article directories such as ezinearticles. This ensures you get to have a high quality backlink directing traffic to your website. To achieve this, you should at least write about 15 articles that are relevant to your site, and contain the keyword you want to rank for. Once you had your articles submitted, you need to open a Web 2.0 account in order to submit even more articles. For this you could make use of Squidoo and Hubpages. Another alternative would be to make use of YouTube Videos and prominent social media.

Take this advice and apply it, and you will soon see that your expert online marketing agency was right in suggesting you do this to help you move up in rank with prominent search engines such as Google. Besides, expert web marketers would have learned all the ins and outs associated with SEO as they know that a website with no traffic equal no sales.

How the Online Marketing Melbourne Rules Have changed and why you should keep up with it

It is clear when running a business online that online marketing rules have totally changed the way people do business these days. Both individuals and business owners have changed the way they purchase products and conduct business in the online world. According to online marketing Melbourne experts, prominent search engines are the most targeted way qualified prospects would find what you are offering. Therefore, your website or blog is seen as the most important tool to attract and convert interested prospects into leads.

What exactly are the new rules of online marketing, and how can you use these to your advantage in getting more visitors, leads as well as customers? Online marketing Melbourne professionals soon realized there are two very important marketing principles that have changed that you can use to your advantage.


Reaching Customer directly

Back in the day, you would have to send out a press release, then follow up in the hope of getting some coverage through the chosen media. It was a shot in the dark and not always a guarantee of success. Nowadays, through the online world, you should really send out a news release at regular intervals and target prospects and customers instead of the media as your primary audience.

In addition, your news release should include back links to your site and be optimised for the search engines. Any press release that get passed onto another site or blog would link back to you. This is powerful and would quickly enhance your position with regards to page rank.


Customers talk to one Another

In the old days, prospects would generally only hear positive things being said about your business. There was simply no way that a prospect would experience much criticism in connection with your products or services. Today is another story altogether. Between discussion forums, blog comments and social networks, it can be very scary as your prospects can read the finest details about your business, and that directly from the source, your customers.

It is absolutely crucial that you become part of this conversation, then provide your honest opinion while also offering to assist in any way. This way your customers will talk about you in a positive and uplifting way. Online marketing Melbourne experts found that it pays to be helpful. An example of this is when someone needs to know how to set up their blog. In no way should anyone dictate or control the situation as this will leave a bad taste in their mouths. How can one take advantage of the new online marketing Melbourne rules to help promote your company? It is best to speak to experienced marketers who have been through the mill so to speak.

Online Marketing Melbourne – Playing Your Cards Right


If you play your cards right, online marketing Melbourne can be very rewarding and exciting. At this point you may say that it does not work out for you. You approached family and friends in trying to get them to read up what you have to say and buy in what you want to sell. The promise of making it big is what got you interested in online marketing in the first place, right?


You may even have sent countless e-mails, made more than a few phone calls in order to convince your closest friend to head over to your site and see what you are offering them, just to face rejection once more. It could eventually lead to burn out as you constantly chase after your friends and family that are not really interested in your online marketing venture. It can become a burning issue with you. Especially if you are the kind of person who do not like rejection.


How Marketing Experts Can Help to Change Your Mindset about Online Marketing Melbourne


It is important not to let pride get in the way and never to take any rejection personally. Soon enough you will come to realize that you need to stop wasting time on people who will never see your point and it would be high time for you to move on.


There are countless of people who will be keen to visit your site and see what you have to offer, you just have to find them. Learn to view online marketing as a game. Through the help of marketing experts like Easy Dial Marketing you may manage to reach at least a 100 people if not more of which between 2 to 5 percent will show an interest in what you have to offer. They will soon share with their friends, who will then show their friends. Can you begin to see why it is often referred to as a numbers game?


Do not sweat the small stuff, but learn to focus on people who have a vested interest in what you have to offer. Selecting the right target market and focusing your efforts on them, is what will make you successful. Most people want to know what is in it for them.


Point out the various benefits that they will get by visiting your site, and never come across as too eager, but make it look as if you are benefiting them by showing them your business opportunity.


Turn Online Marketing Melbourne into Attraction Marketing


When asked what you do for a living, you can casually say that you got into online marketing and it has served you well through the years to the point where you are now involved on a full time basis. Their curiosity will get the better of them, and they would want to know more by visiting your site.


This is what we call attraction marketing. Get to understand how people's minds work. Put yourself in their shoes. If you don't like what you have to offer, then why should your friends or family feel any different?


Learn to give of yourself and your time. People will appreciate it and love you for it. Doing so without expecting anything in return. In no time the law of the universe will pay off. If you give valuable information that makes a difference in their lives, you soon start making an income, all in the name of online marketing. Learn more through visiting