5 Social Media Tips to Help You Moving Forward From 2013 And Beyond

No matter where you search these days, you are going to get a lot of advice about everything and anything you need to know about social media. You will notice that much of the advice has been tried and tested, and is just as valuable today as it was a few years ago. Having said that, other tips are in need of retirement. Not every rule that worked yesteryear will still be as effective today when marketing your business online.

On searching for ways to power up your social media presence you will come across a lot of conflicting advice. You need to remember to wade your way through all of the advice out there, and find what best fits your marketing strategy. Below are some tips that were known as the best thing to do for a long time now. You need to ask yourself if it applies to your business.

You Need to Post Every Day!

This social media rule will apply if your audience expect it from you. If they show enough interest in interacting daily, then by all means, you should continuously update your audience from day to day. But in the event they only require engagements from you on certain days or times of the week, then you need to limit your posting to those times. As long as you ensure that when you post you provide them with valuable information to get them talking and sharing.

Ignoring Traditional Advertising

You may have read or heard that traditional advertising is dead. That is simply not true (How do one explain all the online adverts you get?). What traditional advertising does is create awareness to your brand which will lead to business growth.

Do Not Post on Autopilot

There are still many marketers out there who are dead against making use of automated social media posts. While it is true that you should follow this advice in some cases by not sending an automated message thanking your followers for following you, and tweeting on autopilot every time there is a new post, it can be hard to keep up in manually posting every time a follow up is needed. It sure is very time consuming. You do however require quality content when choosing to use auto responders.

Always Have a Call to Action

Most Facebook updates end up the same way; share this post, buy this product, like this post, etc. In smaller doses, it can be effective, but every single status update that comes with the same request will start having a negative impact on your visitors.

Ensure You Only Post at Certain Times

In order to make the most of possible engagement with your audience, you should know when will be the best time to post to your social networks. There is no set formula where you have to post according to another expert's absolute best time. Having said that, there are some truth in posting at certain times of the week as it will ensure you reach your target audience at at time when they are very active. The way to figure it out is to do some testing.

Say Madam Y's audience has a very high activity during 10am to 12pm, but you do not log in until 4pm. You should do some testing of your own to see when the best posting time would be to achieve maximum engagement from your followers. There are ways and means to formulate you best social media strategy.

What advice would you share? What social media advice do you ignore?

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