Our Customers Share Their Success Stories of Working with the EDM Team

Easy Dial Marketing is a trusted online marketing service provider in Australia. We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation, Local Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Website Audits, Website Development, and Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing.

We take the “easy” in our company’s name very seriously. That’s something our customers have enjoyed thoroughly, and only one of the many reasons why they love working with us. Here are some of the success stories about working with us our customers have shared with others:

From basically going really quiet the last 14 days, with only two contacts in that whole period, there has been 4 contacts/orders to the site yesterday and the same today so far, which is great. Very early days I understand but feels like it is reaching a wider audience. So thanks very much for taking the feedback on board, I appreciate it.

-       Edwina Walsh,

Just Sox

I called Easy Dial Marketing to see if they could help me with my online marketing. I tried to do some myself in the past, gave up… then hired a company and did not get a lot of results. I compared 10 different marketing companies in Australia and went with EDM because they took the time to ask me about my business and understand my needs. I see progress now with my online traffic and have leads coming in off of my website for the FIRST TIME EVER. It seems like a miracle… I hope the leads just increase and increase.

-       1300 AllTrades

Love you guys! Thanks for fixing my messed up site! I was emailing you to leave you a great testimonial and yes you can publish this!

I had 3 websites in the past, rebuilt my website 3 times! But you guys really did the trick on my 4th website. I finally found a company that understands brand and what clients need to see. A company smart enough to take conversion into consideration when designing a website! I think everyone should only build a website with a company that specialized in online marketing. I have only had my SEO campaign running for 2 months with you and I got 2 phone calls last week from people who said they found me on Google. I am ecstatic! I’m just happy I found a marketing company I can trust and I hope you shout this testimonial to the world!

-       Mary Kirkland

Find you own reason to love working with Easy Dial Marketing. Interested parties may call us at 1-300-327-934. You may also send any enquiries you may have to our email address, sales@easydialmarketing.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

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