Did You Hear It Through the Grapevine – The Power of Online Marketing and What They Say About You

Who of you do not marvel about one or the other tale? Some of you would proudly say that you heard it on Twitter. This is what we here at Easy Dial Marketing would like to call the power of online marketing. People love to hear something interesting, and you can imagine how much more Twitter will be used since it went public at the beginning of November 2013.


All of us find one or the other tidbit of news on a daily basis by keeping our Twitter accounts open, or checking out our Tweet notification in our Inbox. It is truly mind boggling what effect this social media giant has on online marketing. As of late there are some 9.6 million active users and over 2 billion search queries that this giant boast of as well as over 400 million tweets. But where do all the tweets go, and are they of any use to online marketers? What should those involved in social media marketing be doing within the first 24 hours of tweeting.


The thing with online marketing and social media channels is that even though you learnt how to optimize your various updates, it does not mean all the tweets you posted will be retweeted.


If you consider that there are over 9,000 tweets flying around per second and that followers would make up their own minds as to whose tweets they will follow, then it is not set in stone that what you say about your company will be eagerly shared by others.


Here is how you can make a difference with your online marketing efforts using Twitter:


  • Regularly check tweets in your social Inbox to discover what it looks like in real time. You will get an objective view of what was tweeted and be provided with hints on how to improve your Twitter marketing next time round.


  • Ask yourself if your tweet headline is attention grabbing enough, we regularly do!


  • Take note when re-tweets are occurring. It generally happens between 3pm and 12am EST from Mondays to Fridays. This is the easiest way to engage with followers for business owners wanting to share a major announcement or sharing big news.


  • Do not schedule your tweets closer than an hour apart. The longer you leave it to shine on the top of your page, the longer time your followers have to engage and share it in turn.


  • After your tweets had about 12 hours to make its impact, it will be time to post it on similar networks like Pinterest and Instagram. Best you ensure that your tweets performed well before you intend posting it elsewhere.


  • After 24 hours time you should look to see how your tweet performed on Twitter as by now it is old news.


We encourage you to head over to Easy Dial Marketing if you want to discover more innovative ways to boost your online marketing efforts.

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