No Pop-Ups: The New Era of Online Marketing Requires Smarter Tactics

More than a decade ago, social media became a new and fresh way to market and advertise for many companies. Fast-forward to today and it’s obvious how much social networks like Twitter and Facebook have changed online marketing strategies forever.


The problem lies in the fact that using these social media sites has become so common that nearly every business out there uses these sites as a platform for their campaigns. This is obvious by the numerous advertisements that pop-up every time we go online; in fact these pop-up advertisements are so numerous that people have started to use pop-up blockers just to avoid them.

If we are to be honest, how many online advertisements do we really close without even reading? Not only do these pop-ups annoy the supposed target market, but half of the time, the ads that they work hard on are immediately trashed by pop-up blockers without even being read.

The Solution

The challenge is to find ways to advertise yourself without driving your target market away. These ways have to be fresh and innovative, and they have to be more subtle. Below are a few suggested methods for successful internet marketing:

Content Marketing. Create original content like blogs and publish them on social media sites, but make them subtle. Don’t create a flashing headline that says, “Try this product or service.” Instead, write something informative that will interest readers enough to read your blog and slowly feed them the need for your product.

Image Content. With the rising popularity of sites like Instagram and Tumblr, photos and videos are just as powerful marketing tools as text based content. Use pictures that are eye catching, unique and occasionally quirky. From there, create links to your text-based content, which then links to the direct advertising of your product. The logic behind this is simple: you trigger the interest of your target market first before the sales talk.

Email Marketing. Email marketing is an old marketing style that has lost its popularity over the years. It will be wise, however, to start using this platform again. Why? Simple: people now directly link their emails to their phones and tablets.

Branding. If images and videos are powerful, then brands and logos will be very effective. They need to be kept simple but creative in order for them to stick with your target market. Think of the “f” in Facebook, or the blue bird in Twitter.

Keyword. Look for the keywords with high search ratings but low traffic and go for them with a series of content, or get help from professional SEO companies like Easy Dial Marketing to do the job for you.



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