Easy Dial Marketing is a full service internet marketing business who offers affordable search engine optimization in Melbourne, AU. Online marketing has taken on a new meaning in that various business owners are looking for improved ways to drive traffic to their sites through search engine optimization services. Search engine marketing can be seen as an art and a science whereby various search engine optimisation strategies are employed to attract a higher conversion rate.

Hiring a top seo services company who focuses on search engine optimisation services and digital marketing, can make all the difference. Most businesses simply do not have time to experiment with search engine optimization seo and would welcome doing business with companies like Easy Dial Marketing who deploys various search engines optimization techniques.


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is about having content that is both authoritative and relevant. Where relevance gets measured by analysing your page content to ensure quality. Authority would be based on the quality and quantity of pages other than yours that you link to. In simple terms, SEO involves creating content people read based on their keyword research. So, in other words great content plus quality links equals SEO success!


Social Media Optimisation

The sole purpose of SMO (Social Media Optimisation) is to promote customer interest through a variety of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook,Google Plus and LinkedIn. It is a super effective way to generate publicity so as to increase awareness about your brand while amplifying your engagement with your target market


Pay Per Click Marketing & Adwords Remarketing

PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing is a superb online advertising medium, primarily created by search engines to direct targeted traffic to a particular website in order to convert leads into customers. Adwords Remarketing on the other hand is a cleverly designed way where advertisers get to remarket their list to target visitors who landed on their site on a previous occasion without necessarily taking any action at the time.


Web Design

Web Design is about more than just planning, creating and updating your site design and content. The correct font should be used for easy reading. It also involves focusing on the information architecture, the site structure, ease of navigation, layout and colors used, utilising contrasts correctly and ensuring the photography or imagery is up to a certain standard.


Online Reputation Management

In simple terms, ORM is about raising as well as maintaining your sound reputation online and ensuring the image you created for yourself remains untarnished. It involves thorough tracking of customer comments about your brand by regularly visiting and managing the various online channels you've used.



Simply put, phone numbers that spell a word is a phoneword. Users would dial a recognisable word, using either their standard phone's keypad of their cellphone. Every number from 2 to 9 on your keypad will have corresponding letters on the very same button to be used when dialing a phoneword such as 1300 PLASTER (1300752783). Phonewords are an effective marketing tool that serves to increase your advertising efficiency.