Phone Words


Uncover Super Profits Using 1300 Numbers and PhoneWords

Whether you opt for a phone name or phoneword, it is a case of simply selecting an appropriate phone name that resembles your brand. For instance, 1300 PLUMBER.

Phone names are still foreign to certain Australian businesses. In the past a phoneword was a luxury that only a select few could afford.

No one can argue the fact that the phone is a powerful piece of equipment. It stands to reason that the phone should be used as a sales tool. This is why 1300 numbers and phonewords have so much potential in reaching your target market. Competition is fierce and any business owner can ill afford to be left out of the acquisition in terms of reaching their target market before others do.

Just picture how much less demanding it can be to conclude deals by making it easier for your target market to reach you. Should you not be in your office, and do not wish to miss any sales calls, then the redirect feature of having a phoneword would definitely appeal to you.

Recent research revealed some astonishing stats about the effectiveness of phone words. It showed that phone number names top standard phone numbers by as much as 14 times in terms of ease of remembering. It is said to boost your call volumes by 300 percent. In another instance a specific phoneword got featured in a radio ad. This resulted in a whopping 1400 percent increase in sales leads as opposed to using a standard phone number.

The question is. Will you be able to handle all the calls coming your direction? Be ready for it! Do not be surprised when you find your phone is ringing constantly. Luckily, there is even a solution for this. All you need to do is to utilize the call answer facilities where trained individuals will take care of your excess incoming calls.

Then again, there is no need to employ an entire group of salespeople in order to attract prospects to your business. Using a phoneword might be all you need as it serves to be a compelling sales and advertising tool all on its own. It is not uncommon to hear that businesses regularly spend thousands annually in an attempt to get their target market to recall their phone numbers. Phone words to the rescue. There is no need to do this any longer.

It is all up to you whether you wish to obtain insane amounts of interested prospects ready to do business with you. Phone Words can do this for your business. It is pretty straightforward. Sign up for your phoneword today before your competition does. Can you begin to see how many more prospects you'll get if you do?

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