Social Media Marketing


There is no better time than right now to intensify your social media engagement so you may attain new customers and get your brand to sizzle through various social media strategies.

Believe it or not, social networks are not longer just a platform where users catch up on various social activities with their class mates and family members. Social Networks have become very strong marketing tools, and when properly optimised, it can make a huge difference to your bottomline.

What Does Social Media Marketing Encompass?

If you want to foster positive customer relationships, keep them engaged and loyal to you, then social media is the way to go. Studies revealed that as much as 65 percent of respondents make use of social media to gather information about your brand and your business. What is really astounding is that social media is constantly being used to search what is out there, and it is growing in leaps and bounds by three times as much than previous times.

Get this! Social media platforms like Twitter acquires 44 percent, Facebook acquires 52 percent, and LinkedIn acquires 62 percent of customers.Now is as good a time as any to launch your Social Media Marketing service!

Social Media Marketing is a process where businesses would establish a presence through utilising a host of social media networks like Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It is about creating an awareness about your brand, products and services. Getting customers to engage and share what they learn about you with their connections. Whether it be friends or family, or their colleagues.

Both your existing customers and prospects would look for you via various social mediums. In effect, you would be pushing potential customers away by not optimising your social presence online. These people could turn out to be loyal fans of yours. Why turn them away? It is much better to nurture them by means of social networks.

What We Do in Terms of Social Media Marketing

Besides providing opportunities to optimise your social media presence on popular sites like YouTube, Blogger and Pinterest, we make a distinct effort to boost your social media reach by focusing on the four biggest social properties to date. We are of course referrring to LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

Lets take a look at each one in turn in no particular order as far as popularity is concerned:

  • LinkedIn - Said to be the ideal social media network for B2B engagement. What is more, this social media platform reaches out to over 332 million users in over 200 different countries and territories. We do everything on your behalf by building your profile and joining discussion groups for you.
  • Twitter - With over 284 million active users, Twitter is a force to be reckoned with. We will set up your Twitter account, post regularly and accummulate followers on your behalf.
  • Google Plus - This giant social media network is said to have 300 million active users currently. What makes it so unique is the numerous SEO benefits it offers. We will build your Google+ profile and fully optimise everything for you in order to boost your social presence
  • Facebook - Amazingly, Facebook recently passed 1.19 billion active users. Having a Facebook Fan Page is huge. We will ensure your account remain active and fully optimised for the search engines.

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There is no question about it that Social Media Marketing requires a lot of online marketing effort. It is a full-time job to keep it going. Allow us to take care of all your social media needs. Contact 1300 Easydial today!

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