Top Internet Marketing Strategies Using Keywords To Generate Traffic To Your Site

First, make sure you only target one keyword or keyword phrase for each page. Make sure you optimize your page for this chosen keyword - put it in the title, in the headline, in the first and last 25 words, use variations of the keyword throughout the page. Pay attention to the keyword density of your page. But don't over stuff your page with your keyword or keyword phrase. Try for a middle ground with your internet marketing strategies and always write your content for your visitor - the search engines.


Second internet marketing strategy - Off-page factors will play an important role in the ranking of your keywords (especially in Google) so you have to build links for other high ranking pages for your keyword. Place your keywords and variations of it in the ANCHOR text of your links.


Third internet marketing strategy - You have to build as many of these anchor text links to your site as you possibly can. This is easier than most people realize - depending on your marketing budget, you can simply buy these links on theme related sites. Or one of the best ways is to write simple 'how-to' articles on the site's keywords.


Don't underestimate how effective this simple technique can be. Make sure you place your keywords at the beginning of your article title, also place it in the first and last paragraphs of your article. What is more, you can place anchor text links to your keywords in the resource box of your article.


If you don't have the time to write articles, just hire someone to do it for you.


Please Note: In a Post Panda World - it is best to keep all your articles unique to the site you have submitted it. Don't use Software to spin your articles. Make sure you vary your anchor text links so that they are natural... add some "click here", "go here" or use the complete URL as your link.


Remember Article marketing is also an excellent way to Pre-sell - you're putting your potential customers or visitors in the right frame of mind before they visit your site or product. This gives them valuable information and wets their appetites for learning more about your site or product.


Pre-selling in internet marketing is key to making online sales, especially true for affiliate marketing. Don't try to sell anything in your articles, just give valuable, helpful information. Leave the dirty work for the actual vendor!


If you take the advice offered here, you will quickly discover the important role keywords will play in generating traffic to your site. Used properly, keywords can be your most effective internet marketing tools, creating an explosion of traffic and sales which just keep coming, hour after hour, day after day...

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