Want to Know What Makes us at Easy Dial Marketing Different? Read This!

Melbourne is one of Australia’s financial and business hubs, thereby making marketing (especially online marketing) understandably a huge matter in this city. This also means that there isn’t a shortage of marketing firms in Melbourne willing to help further your business, with varying quality and success. If you’re at a loss finding the right firm for you, look no further than Easy Dial Marketing. We have one thing that makes us the best marketing firm for you: we’re different!

We are a Guerrilla marketing firm!

We at Easy Dial Marketing believe in thinking outside the box, maximising time and energy, before we can provide you with excellent marketing results. This “Easy Dial Marketing approach” to marketing was popularised by prolific business writer Jay Conrad Levinson who authored the aptly-named “Guerrilla marketing,” which serves as the inspiration of many of the best marketing experts today. Have you tried creating a marketing plan using only seven sentences? Sounds difficult? Leave that to us!

We are a video marketing firm!

Unlike other marketing firms in Melbourne, Easy Dial Marketing has an in-house video production team. This isn’t as trivial as it sounds because most companies can’t provide you with the right people and knowhow for video marketing. If they do, it’s very likely that they’ll just outsource it to another company, with the essence of your message being lost in translation. Luckily, we are not “most companies”. If you need someone to make you a video for the Internet or High-Def TV, we’re the go-to agency for you!

We are a picky marketing firm!

Our firm takes pride in being very meticulous, both in terms of the people we hire and the clients that we work with. Most marketing agencies might see this as a liability, but we beg to differ. Only by being honest and picky with people can we obtain the best talent in the industry and provide you with the best brand of marketing worthy of your time and money.

While we always strive to provide you with the best results at the shortest time possible, we are also realistic. In the extremely rare event that we can’t meet your marketing needs, we’ll give you other options to further your business.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at 1-300-327-934 or send us a message at sales@easydialmarketing.com.au to begin your free consultation! Let’s start our relationship on the right note!

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