Why it makes Sense to let an Online Marketing Expert in Melbourne Do it all for you

Have you ever wondered how a top Melbourne online marketing expert get to have 1000s of subscribers without too much hassle while other marketers find it hard to rake in just a couple hundred. The fact of the matter is that it takes a huge amount of concentration to even begin to build a targeted list of prospects. What's to say getting a 1000 together? Take a look at some of the things you need to do as an online marketer:

• You have to setup a website
• Find content that will be search engine friendly
• Develop a lead capture system
• Have an effective capture system in place that has your site's php or cgi script
• Ensure you protect your site from spam complaints
• Have optin pages that will be user friendly
• Ensure the system you use gets tweaked and tested thoroughly

Another thing that you will find online marketing professionals do is that they would make sure they drive quality traffic to their website which in itself can be quite an accomplishment to say the least. There are numerous list building techniques being used that works very well, but it proves to be expensive and can be very time consuming. Let us do some easy calculations in order to demonstrate what we mean. After all, when you are in business, you need to present figures to show that all your tactics, ideas and strategies are worthwhile.

How Top Internet Marketers Get to Build 1000s of Subscribers

So, what is the secret way top online marketing experts get 1,000 subscribers and more to subscribe to their list?

1st Way - Ezine Solo Ads

Say that you were able to buy solo ads of 20,000 subscribers for $200. While it may cost a little more or less, we will work on an industry average to illustrate the point we are making.

If your ad is really good, you may get a clickthu rate of 3% which is tied to offering something of value.
20,000 x 3% - 600 visitors. Now, say that 50 percent of these subscribe, then you got yourself 300 subscribers where each one costs you say $0.88.
To build your list of 1000 will cost you around $880.00

2nd Way - PPC Ads

Here you will begin a PPC campaign with either Yahoo.com or Google.com Adwords.
If you get to choose very good keywords, then you would spend on average only 30 to 40 cents per clickthru, then you are bound to attract visitors to your signup page where they get something of value that is also free. With a 50 percent chance of getting signups, you can expect pay around $0.60 per signup, meaning it will cost you $600 per 1000 subscribers.

3rd Way - Article Marketing

This might a free method, but to get it right, you need to write and write and write, and submit your articles countless of times to hundreds of targeted newsletters. We are talking about waiting on average around 5 to 7 months to build a decent list of subscribers. This would mean investing a lot of hours. Unless of course you go with reputed online marketing experts like Easy Dial Marketing to do it for you. Hop on board today and start making the kind of profits that other online marketers can only dream of.

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