Why Keywords Rule The Net And Should Be Treated As Internet Marketing Tools

All your online marketing in one form or another will be connected or related to your keywords. They are the vehicles that will propel your site or sites into the spotlight. It all begins with your keywords...


Without further delay, we should just dive right in and see what keywords are all about and discover why they are so essential to your online marketing efforts.


Explode Your Traffic And Sales With Keyword Marketing


Keywords are the most significant contributing factor to the success or failure of your website. Keywords are the fundamental building blocks of the web. They are essential elements which must not be ignored.


In other words, choose the wrong keywords and it's game over even before you write one line of code or pick out your first template. Choose the right keywords and you can set your site up for an explosion of traffic and sales.


Despite the overwhelming importance of keywords, many beginning webmasters or marketers are still unaware of keywords or even the major role keywords play in the whole underlining structure of the Internet.  They remain oblivious to this key factor quietly fueling almost all of the successful sites on the net.


Every webmaster or marketer must master a basic understanding of keywords, they must realize the role keywords will play in the success of their site or sites, and they must learn how to effectively use keywords to create an explosion of traffic/sales to any webpage.


What are keywords?


Keywords are the exact words Internet users type into the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to find what they're looking for on the web.


Whether they're looking for the 'number of planets in our universe' or the latest 'gaming laptops' - keywords dictate the majority of the interaction or activity on the web.


Pick Your Master Keywords


When designing a website, you must pick master keywords or keyword phrases that directly relate to the theme or topic of your site. Most experienced webmasters will put their most valuable keyword in the title of their website and also in their site's URL. All major keywords (your master list) should appear or be linked on ALL the pages of your site.


Next, target minor related keywords on other pages of your site. Place the keyword or keyword phrase in the title of your page, in your page URL in the first 25 words and in the last 25 words. Spread your keyword and variations of it throughout your copy on that page.


Webmasters must understand the level of competition for each keyword they choose to place on their site. Popular keywords which receive hundreds of thousands of searches a month will naturally have stiff competition. Less popular keywords which receive only hundreds of searches a month will usually have far less competition.

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