Our Business Strengths Lie in Our Company Founder’s Background Story

For most business owners, an online marketing plan is similar to a game of cricket. On paper, the objective of this sport is simple enough: each team member takes a turn to bat and hit the ball to score a run while the other team attempts to collect the ball. However, in actuality, the game isn’t as simple, and a team needs to have an experienced coach to win.

Drawing up an Internet marketing plan is similar. While many business owners are already well aware that methods like search engine optimisation, social media optimisation, and pay per click advertising play critical roles for online success, they need someone who can teach them how to maximize all these tools.

A business consultant can help entrepreneurs have a winning game plan, so to speak, before they can achieve their goals. However, where would they base their plan of action on? Well, the first step is to know their business inside and out—something we at Easy Dial Marketing do all too well. It’s only fitting, though, that before we get to know our clients, we tell our company’s story first. After all, our history provides a good framework of the work we do today.

We attribute a good part of our story to one of our founders, Anthony Khoury, who is also our Chief Sales Officer. Mr. Khoury brings a wealth of experience to the table because when it comes to getting a business off the ground, he’s been there, done that—and quite splendidly, if we may add.

Mr. Khoury has dabbled in book publishing as well; his book, “The Beach Bum Millionaire,” is a certified bestseller. However, it is with business consulting that Mr. Khoury excels the most. Making his story inspiring is his humble beginnings, working 80-hour weeks in his family’s pizza joint, before discovering he is better off as a business consultant. Now, he expertly guides entrepreneurs in a variety of aspects, from website design to acquiring vanity numbers. Whatever your business needs, you can be sure he will be there every step of the way.

When it comes to web marketing, things are not as simple as they seem. Not only do you need the right tools and the right strategies, you also need the right coach like our very own Mr. Khoury. If you are interested with our services, give us a call at 1-300-327-934.

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