Businesses Should Decide Between Hiring SEO Experts and Doing Own SEO

As a business that wants to utilise the online environment for growth, you are faced with two choices: do your own online marketing or hire an SEO expert. Deciding between the two is actually not too difficult; you just have to look at the different elements involved in SEO and online marketing in general to help you choose.


Forbes discussed several important considerations for making a choice. These include upfront costs, efficiency/expertise factor, and long-term traction failure risk. Upon taking a closer look at these factors, you can easily see which one is the better option.

Upfront Costs

The foremost financial factor for majority of entrepreneurs is the upfront costs. While it’s possible for you to attempt to optimise your site on your own, you’ll soon realise that it requires a huge amount of effort in order to actually achieve the results that you want – and the effort you must put in is probably beyond your current capacity. Hiring a Melbourne SEO agency may seem like an additional expense especially for a small company, but taking into account the equipment costs, marketing expertise, and possible losses due to marketing mistakes, it’s actually cost-efficient.

This is true even for a company that already has an IT department, which Business 2 Community highlighted in its list of SEO myths. The IT department can take care of the technical aspects, but SEO requires much more than technical expertise.

Expertise and Efficiency

Digital marketing agencies like Easy Dial Marketing work with a team of specialists that takes charge of various elements of an online marketing campaign. Content marketing, website design, social media marketing, online reputation management and other methods are all handled by expert marketers.

Even if you are adept at all the above, there is an important thing you shouldn’t forget: time. Say, you know how to do these things but you’d still need to spend time on them, which will take precious time away from your business. Your concentration and schedule will surely be divided, affecting both your business and your marketing campaign.

Traction Failure in the Long-Term

You also have to think about accountability. When you hire an in-house online marketing team to manage your campaigns, there is a promise of success but no accountability. If you don’t get the results you want, you can fire the team but you can no longer get back the money you spent on the campaign. By hiring an experienced agency, you are assured of results after a certain period, or your money back.


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