Applying Top Content Curation Strategies for Internet Marketing

You may think that original content distribution is good enough. However, content curation is far more important if you hope to have success with internet marketing. The reason for this is that curated content requires a marketer to add your voice to current content. This would be the case whether it is your own or someone else's content. Content curation assists aid marketers to widen their reach in the community. In order to maximize your content curation efforts, you should be focusing on three important elements to bring about massive results.

Three Top Content Curation Strategies for Internet Marketers

First off, you should utilise a variety of media and think of ways to extend your reach through diversifying the various media platforms where you intent distributing your content.
As a content curator who hopes to become successful in internet marketing, you should pay attention to where you want to place your content. The location should relate to the information you want to distribute.

Effectively, you should employ a mix of 3rd party media and social media entities. This way you get to maximise your reach as you would access different audiences and platforms.

Tailoring Your Content to Specified Media Platforms

Secondly, your content will truly shine if you can adapt it to suit a specific media platform. If it fits like a well designed suit, then your content would be more appealing to your target market. Watch out and do not let your content become too integrated with the platform so it appears like wallpaper to the extent where you audience do not even notice it.

You should envision both your original content and curated content to fit the medium you intend using. Before you even start creating your content, you should plan how you will do it to suit various platforms.

For instance, you need to modify your headline to suit the platform. Titles are key to content curation. After all, a new headline can have a powerful effect on your content distribution. You should alter the size of your images to suit the platform. Using visuals will ensure the content you are using pops. Adding commentary is another huge step forward in getting your curated content to pack a punch. Some internet marketing specialists such as the team at Easy Dial Marketing have mastered this technique.

Publish Regularly

If you want to achieve your goals as a business owner, you should leverage the power of curated content and train your audience to watch out for your content. This is the logic being followed by traditional TV schedules and newspapers.

You should make it about your audience and what would interest them. It is a case of building your tribe if you want to build on your goals and extent your authority as an internet marketing expert. You can achieve this if you publish, and distribute your content regularly

In addition, you should be consistent when you publish and share your content so that your audience will keep on showing up to consume the information provided.

For even more content curation strategies, you are invited to get in touch with Easy Dial Marketing for expert advice and tips on how to ensure you get massive content curation distribution, and extend your creative touch to provide relevant context based on the media options you choose.

With Internet Marketing Australia You Will Quickly Learn How to Start a Business with Little or No Money.

Nowadays when entrepreneurs from all walks of life get together to meet, the most common complaint you'll get to hear is small to medium sized business owners saying they lack funds to enable them to start a business. Especially if the majority of the attendees are still new in the game. However, it should be no reason for not fulfilling your lifelong business ideals when involved with internet marketing Australia.

Five Practical Ways to start up a Business in Australia with Little to No Money Down

Let’s consider 5 practical ways how you can get yourself going with little or no money with internet marketing Australia:

  • Way Number One - Offering a unique service. One of the best known ways to start your business with hardly any cash flow would be to open a service oriented business. This could take the form of an online consultancy business, sales business or even a stock broking business. These are the kind of businesses that rely on your knowledge more than anything else, and would therefore require very little if any upfront money.
  • Way Number Two - Going into partnership. It is easy to find a business that is compatible with what you have to offer. In this way you can go into partnership with any one of the business owners of these businesses. With regards to internet marketing Australia, it is easily done if it so happens that you are a web designer, in which case you could partner with an Australian run marketing company to offer your services to. Jobs would be sent your way without needing to spend any money on running your business.
  • Way Number Three - Outsourcing. In the event that you are making tangible products, you could outsource your products on per use offer in which case some businesses would deposit funds with you in order to manufacture products they can use. On the other hand, customers would deposit monies with you with the expectation of getting the finished product at a later stage. In both scenarios you do not need to have your own money. You would rely on other people's money.
  • Way Number Four - Approaching angel investors. There are several individuals who would love to invest money in a promising idea of an entrepreneur who just got started. On approaching such investors, you will soon find out if they would buy-in to your idea or not in which case they would willingly provide you with funding for your internet marketing Australia venture.
  • Way Number Five - Group Funding. Whether you would like to believe it or not, there are actually entrepreneurs who make it their business to fund cash-strapped entrepreneurs by raising funds for them. You just have to look around to source group funding sites such as who would give you the start you hoped for.

So what is your excuse for not being able to start an internet marketing Australia venture? It should not be shortage of funds as there are numerous sources you can avail of. From the aforementioned it is clear to see that you have wasted valuable time already as you may have thought it impossible to start a successful venture due to no or little money. Get your business ideas going today and make a difference.

Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Involved in Online Marketing Melbourne


While it is true that social media proves to be very powerful within today's business world, it is not to be regarded as merely a platform for having conversations with your family and friends, or even old work colleagues. Check out the common blunders within this post that you should avoid if you happen to be involved in online marketing Melbourne.

Neglecting to Post

It is simply not enough to post only once or twice a week if you hope to capture the attention of your intended audience so that you would be their go to place if they should ever need the product or service you offer. Unique content that satisfies their needs, and that they can identify with is what you need to post on a regular basis.

Procrastinating in Replying to Comments Made

Not replying to enquiries or comments made is a massive mistake. Treat your Social media platform like you would your physical business. Ensure you promptly reply to any followers of yours both on and off page. This way you will establish as solid rapport with you audience

Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

As with anything, competition is stiff, and in order to survive in online marketing Melbourne, you need to go above and beyond the call of duty. Think out of the box and come up with attention-grabbing statements that would propel your visitors into action. What you say should have some humour in it, or even motivate or shock your audience.

Be Mindful of What Your Competition is doing

Everyone these days are making use of social media for online marketing purposes as it proves to be a very powerful marketing weapon. Marketing experts like Easy Dial Marketing discovered that you need to stay abreast of what your competition is up to. Take note on what is working for them and get together with your team and brainstorm for something that is original to WOW your visitors with.

Constructive Criticism

No one likes to get negative feedback or comments, whether in writing or in person. This is especially the case with social media as people would speak freely without fear of getting penalised. However, it is crucial to view what is being said as constructive criticism. This kind of feedback will show you as business owner what people really think about the products or services being offered.

Other online marketing Melbourne blunders to avoid would be things like; refrain from annoying your customers with too much information too frequently, isolating your marketing efforts and not diversifying into other areas, not understanding the social media platform you are using, ignoring the usefulness of social media tools or data, and making use of unnatural practices such as buying fans, views, or likes to boost your marketing reach.

Marketing experts such as Easy Dial Marketing have what it takes to get your online marketing company on the road to success with state of the art marketing solutions that is only known to them. Find out how by visiting right now!