Common Web Marketing Mistakes as Highlighted by a Reputed Web Marketing Company

Have you noticed that many businesses often neglect to take note of very important web marketing mistakes that are commonly made? What if a reputed Web Marketing Company could show you how to avoid these and even apply the necessary fixes to ensure you have the best chance of being successful in online marketing?

Website Mistakes Often made that are easily fixed as Demonstrated by Experienced Web Marketing Company

It is easy to blame others for not doing well when involved in online marketing. There are however a few mistakes that can easily be avoided by implementing certain strategies for your website. Let us take a closer look at some of these:

Page Title that is longer than 70 Characters - Be aware that browsers and search engines can easily cut of the page title on your article or blog if it is more than 70 characters long. Keep it as short as possible while still telling visitors what your page is all about.


The Meta Description Should Not Be More than 150 Characters - Similar to page titles, meta descriptions will also be cut off if they are too long.

Title of page not Targeting Keywords that are Realistic - Whatever users generally search for should closely match the title of your page for it to be effective. Do not write your page too much like an advert, and avoid descriptive words that are overkill.

The very first words of your page title have the most influence when it comes to search engine results. Therefore, using general industry keywords is more important to use than your company name would be.

Keywords for your Page should not be all the same - Every page on your website should serve as a new opportunity to be found online. Do not re-use the same keywords for your internal pages, but rather diversify it.

Setting Your Domain Name to expire soon - Know that search engines favour sites or blogs where the domain will last for much longer. By having your site or blog registered for longer shows that you are committed for the long term.

Having no CSS - It is important to make use of CSS for SEO purposes and not just to see to it that your design is consistent.

Lead form too lengthy - Conversion forms are very important in seeing to it that traffic gets converted into leads. However, visitors would be more inclined to become leads if your form is done right.

Too much or too little text - Search engines love text that is relevant to the topic of discussion. You should guard against too little or too much text though.

Not Analysing Your Results - Your work is not completed by just having interesting content that is well optimised, and getting you leads. You should refine your SEO strategy even further by analysing your results.

Any web marketer who wants to stand a chance of being remote fully successful should learn from a more experienced Web Marketing Company who has already tried and tested various online marketing strategies for their business.

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