Internet Marketing Misconceptions Around Emailing Your List

Would you say that there is a right way and a wrong way as to how regularly you email your list as internet marketing guru? Everyone knows that your email list should be treated like it is a goldmine.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects. What would your reaction be if you received way too many emails with no real value attached to it. Are we right in saying that you will feel as if you were sold? How much is too much? Would a weekly or monthly message be enough? While you do not want to bombard your subscribers, you do not want them to forget that you exist.

Why It is So Important to Send Emails Frequently to Become Successful with Internet Marketing

There is a fine line you need to master when sending your emails. You would either annoy your readers to the extent where they simply unsubscribe, which is bad for your internet marketing business. On the other end of the scale, if you get it right by broadcasting your messages at the right frequency and time, you have a much better chance of being successful and actually make money.

Some internet marketing specialists suggest you send your list an informative weekly newsletter. Others would suggest you do this twice a week as a minimum. When would it be wrong of you to send scheduled emails? It is not a good idea to randomly send out emails. Lets demonstrate. If you send out emails three times a day over a four day period, then the following week, you start sending two emails per day for the week. The problem here is that the prospect does not expect your emails and would therefore ignore it. This is not how you should do it. It will lead to your customers unsubscribing from you.

On careful consideration, you will discover that once a day would be a good way to start. As long as you share valuable information in the form of mini reports, free videos, and so forth. Remember, your content should be exciting and not old information that you recycled.

Once you managed to establish a positive relationship with your list of subscribers, which is needed to grow your internet marketing business, you would have:

  • Strengthened your authority in the Niche you carved out for yourself
  • Established trust and credibility with your readers
  • Demonstrated you are here to stay
  • Increased your chances of remaining first and foremost in the mind of your subscribers as far as buying your product is concerned
  • Showcased the advantages of using your products or services.

More importantly, if you hope to be successful with internet marketing, and strike the right balance in terms of how regularly you send out emails, then you should look for ways to treat your subscribers as if they are your family. For instance, you could send out an email where you simply say how much you value them, then provide them with valuable info that will make a real difference in their lives. Let the team at Easy Dial Marketing show the right way. All this without any strings attached.

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