Level of Online Marketing Confidence in Australians Shown to Be High

According to a survey cited by the Business Standard, Australian businesses are among the most confident with online marketing efforts. Throughout the world, people are embracing the digital world for many aspects of their daily lives. There are still places, however, where marketers are not too confident with the digital move. Australia, however, has a good percentage of marketers who are confident with their practice.


The survey was carried out by Adobe in collaboration with the CMO Council. It shows that the confidence relates directly to the belief that the digital medium enables engagement by providing touch points that serve as direct connections between a brand and its customers. Around 66 per cent of the respondents agreed that digital enables these opportunities. Almost half agree that digital is able to deliver more cost-effective customer acquisition. Furthermore, 41 per cent believe digital has improved customer loyalty and 31 per cent say it also improved overall responsiveness and customer experience.

The confidence can also be seen from budget spends. Effective digital marketing has received increasing portions of budgets among businesses over the past 12 months.

Effective Marketing in the Digital Age

Digital may indeed be a good medium for marketing. There’s a reason, however, why there is still a number of businesses who aren’t as confident with their online efforts. That’s because, like any other method, the full potential of digital cannot be realized without using the proper practices. Many traditional marketers may find that the online scene has its differences with the media they are used to. They may commit mistakes or altogether give it up. A good option for businesses, though, is to pass the online part of their marketing to internet marketing firms, like Easy Dial Marketing.

Checking Your Website

When you work with an internet marketing agency, you would want to determine the current condition of your business over the Internet. The agency will help you out with this, but here are a few things to check out:

Is your site mobile-friendly? In April, 2015, Google implemented a mobile update to its search algorithm. This impacts the page rankings of web sites on searches done on mobile devices.

What’s your business’ reputation? You must know what kind of information people see online when they search for your business’ name. Are they good or bad? Are they updated?

Are you showing you care? Consumers reward businesses who show their philanthropy with loyalty. A good “giving back” campaign may improve your online presence. Let companies like Easy Dial Marketing help you achieve that.


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