Online Marketing And Responsive Web Design

What would online marketing be without modern mobile technology that is predominantly becoming a bigger part of our daily lives? Especially with the introduction of faster mobile networks such as Telstra. Just look at this excerpt taken from Financial Review dated 11 September 2013 – “Telstra has begun trials of a new mobile technology that can reach download speeds up to nine times faster than what the Coalition’s national broadband network will deliver to most homes and businesses.”

This type of news excite both consumers and web visitors and prompts them to view websites via their mobile phones and tablet PC’s. While it is possible to view some websites using mobile devices, the overall layout may not change where the design is not responsive enough. In addition, users may find it to be frustrating to navigate or even search for information. As an online marketer who is concerned about online marketing, it is important to think about using responsive web design. It will enable you to physically alter the layout of web pages so that it fits comfortably within the width of your mobile browser.

Since the invention of smartphones and iPads, over a million screens bloomed which leaves online marketers having to find web designers and developers to help them build all types of layouts that is compatible with several devices that in turn would improve navigations, user experience and call to actions. Online marketers would do well to enlist the services of these guys if they want a chance of capturing the attention of mobile phone users.

What are the Advantages in Using Responsive Web Design for Online Marketing?

More and more, responsive web design has been accepted by website owners and online marketers as the all in one solution to all their website design needs. There are numerous advantages every internet marketer will get from responsive web designs:

  • Probably the number one reason to make use of responsive designs is that it can be viewed on any platform (Mobile and Desktops)
  • Can be operated on all devices, meaning you only have to pay the web development cost once, saving you lots of money
  • Only one website to update and maintain when you use responsive web design, rather than having to deal with desktop design first, then mobile web design.
  • User experience is greatly enhanced through using responsive designs. Conversion rate would be so much better too
  • Things like penalties incurred for duplicate content are prevented when you opt for responsive web design
  • Intuitive interfaces can now be accessed from anywhere thanks to responsive design

Disadvantages Associated with Responsive Web Design

When it comes to making use of analytics that serves to measure conversions and the performance of your site, then it can prove to be a problem for internet marketers whose intention it is to make use of responsive web design. An example of this is where you have a call to action form that may not appear in the same place every time. Online marketers would need to test and see how the site would appear on various platforms, and how it would impact on traffic.

Web designers and developers hired by them would have a big responsibility as they would have to check and see if a fluid grid, responsive or adaptive design would be better to use.

Another disadvantage is that mobile internet speeds are not as quick as their broadband counterparts. Browsing the net using your desktop is still way faster than using mobile devices. But, this is about to change with faster download speeds from the likes of mobile networks like Telstra.

Another area of concern when it comes to online marketing is SEO. Just think about it for a moment. You may have a business called, or it could be called, and finally – You can bet that the desktop version will be stronger than the rest. Luckily responsive web design takes care of this in that you would have only one URL that links to the same place on all networks.

But, all things considered, Its been said that responsive web design is the future and vital to the survival of online marketers who depend on online marketing to make a living. Let the guys at Easy Dial Marketing show you the ropes with regards to responsive web design and online marketing. Go to for more information.

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