Web Design


A stale and poorly-done website can drive away potential customers. If your business site is an eyesore with low quality content and pages that are hard to navigate, why would anyone take the time trying to scour information about products and services from your website? If you’re stuck in the dark ages with a bad website, you’re going to lose business to competitors.

You only have seconds to get the attention of an online visitor and engage them with the content of your website. As with a traditional business setting, first impression is everything in the online market. You need to catch the eye of your target market and you need to do it fast.

Easy Dial Marketing can turn your amateurish website into a professional-looking page that is easy to navigate. An internet marketing company, Easy Dial Marketing specialises in Website Design, creating or redesigning web pages fully tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients. Simply put, Easy Dial Marketing is a digital architect that will build you a unique and state-of-the-art store that will draw customers in and encourage them to buy from you.

Call Easy Dial Marketing today for professional Website Design to make sure that your online store will boost your bottom line and grow your customer base!

Into the Future with Mobile Responsive Websites

The online world is fast-changing, and you need a website that can adapt and respond to these changes. With the need for on-the-go information, more people are now using smart phones and other hand-held devices when searching for businesses online. In order to be competitive, you need to have a responsive website that can load quickly and seamlessly on all types of screens—be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Why WordPress Works Best

Would you work with an online marketing firm that confuses you with technical jargon and hard-to-follow processes? Of course not, and this is the reason why WordPress is Easy Dial Marketing’s content management system of choice. It’s very easy to use; you can effortlessly upload content and customise your website using WordPress.

As the largest open-source web design platform in the world, WordPress leaves other platforms behind when it comes to features and additional functionalities. With WordPress, Easy Dial Marketing can build your website only once and you can have peace of mind that it will remain up-to-date with online changes. Get in touch with Easy Dial Marketing’s specialists to learn more about how your website can be designed using WordPress.

The Easy Dial Marketing Way

Customisation, Installation, and Configuration

After coming up with a plan and designing your website according to its intended purpose and function, Easy Dial Marketing’s experienced web design specialists will install and configure the latest WordPress version on the web server. Easy Dial Marketing will also generate your CMS or Content Management System and your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access.

Graphic Design and Mock-up

After performing an analysis of website content and design, Easy Dial Marketing’s team will present a web design mockup for custom websites. Relevant images will be sourced and embedded on your website to promote visual interest. These images will complement the written content on your business page as well as its overall aesthetics.

Easy Dial Marketing will also include other services such as Website Backup Migration and Installation, Email Installation and Configuration, and Contact Form Setup. Contact Easy Dial Marketing today at 1300 327 934 to get more information about its complete range of online marketing services.